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UPS Healthcare Enters India To Cater Critical Healthcare Shipment Needs

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

August 11, 2023

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UPS aims to ensure secure and timely transit of critical healthcare products in India. This service offers local customers access to premium benefits, including the advantages of UPS Premier Gold service's "first-in, first-off" prioritisation

Global supply chain leader, UPS Healthcare, headquartered in the USA, has entered India with its UPS Premier Service. This service aims to meet the evolving requirements of time-and temperature-sensitive healthcare shipments.

This service offers local customers access to premium benefits, including the advantages of UPS Premier Gold service's "first-in, first-off" prioritisation. Besides, an array of built-in service recovery mechanisms integrated within the extensive UPS global network, and constant monitoring by a dedicated control tower.

UPS aims to ensure secure and timely transit of critical healthcare products in India. Capitalising on sensor technology, UPS Premier assures punctual deliveries through a dedicated priority lane within UPS's expansive global network. This initiative aptly addresses the intricate logistical needs of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and laboratory testing. By giving prominence to visibility, traceability, and the integrity of transported goods, UPS Premier targets to maintain 99% on-time performance for global next-day deliveries of essential shipments.

Kate Gutmann, executive vice-president and president of UPS International, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Solutions, commented on the technology-driven service, stating, "Through this technology-enabled service, we will be able to classify and identify critical healthcare shipments before they leave our customers' hands, offering them unprecedented control, visibility, and reliability across their supply chain."

Highlighting the essence of UPS Premier in healthcare, John Bolla, president of UPS Healthcare, said the service is crucial in providing visibility and traceability essential for prioritising life-saving medications.

The introduction of UPS Premier Gold in India enriches the local healthcare logistics landscape with various benefits. Notably, this service seamlessly integrates visibility into all UPS tracking systems, streamlining the tracking and management process.

An industry-first innovation enables real-time visibility accurate down to 1-2 meters within the UPS network. This precision is facilitated by mesh sensors attached to packages alongside conventional address labels, revolutionising tracking technology and offering unprecedented control over critical healthcare shipments.

In terms of supported items, UPS Premier Gold caters to a comprehensive range of essential healthcare packages. From tissue samples, biopsies, and implantable medical devices for scheduled surgeries to biologics, cell and gene therapies, bodily fluids, non-personalised specialty medications, and surgical kits for inventory replenishment, this service variant ensures the secure and dependable movement of diverse healthcare products.

For over two decades, UPS has been a stalwart in the healthcare industry, responsible for handling and delivering crucial life-saving equipment, essential diagnostics tests, medications, therapies, and more to customers across the globe. Recently, UPS Healthcare announced a new logistics facility in Singapore, which opened in May 2023.

The coming of UPS Premier to India marks a significant step toward strengthening the healthcare supply chain. By prioritising visibility, traceability, and punctuality, UPS Healthcare aims to facilitate the seamless provision of life-saving medications and vital healthcare resources across the nation.

Presently, AWL and Bacto-CFS are prominent contenders in India's Pharma & Healthcare Logistics sector.


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