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Apollo Launches Comprehensive Connected Care Program to Offer Improved Patient Care across India 

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 5, 2023

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This nationwide initiative in India aims to offer clinical teams and nursing staff immediate access to real-time information about patients' conditions at all stages of healthcare, including emergency and ambulance services, in-patient care, post-surgery recovery, and even care provided in patient's homes. 

In a recent development, Apollo, a renowned healthcare institution, has unveiled its Comprehensive Connected Care program, powered by advanced Connected Care technology.  

This initiative, implemented across India, will provide clinical teams and nursing staff with real-time insights into patients' conditions at various stages of care, spanning emergency and ambulance services, in-patient care, post-surgery care, and even home care. 

To support this healthcare approach, Apollo has already deployed real-time, rapid-response patient monitoring systems in more than 1,000 beds across its facilities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.  

The company's plan for the year's end involves adding an additional 2,000 connected beds for all in-patients, thereby expanding the reach and impact of Comprehensive Connected Care.  

Hospitals located in Jayanagar and Hyderguda in Bengaluru and Hyderabad currently offer Enhanced Connected Care coverage to all in-patients. 

Dr Sangita Reddy, joint managing director of Apollo, said, "The whole paradigm of care delivery is changing, and the changes will only accelerate in the years ahead. The promise of having Comprehensive Connected Care technology has expanded the opportunities for how medical experts and patients interact, offering care at every touchpoint. As it advances, patients will experience better health outcomes and increased access to healthcare, clinicians are able to maximize their time, make more informed decisions, and deliver continuous care." 

Prof Ravi P. Mahajan, director of Critical Care Integration and Transformation at Apollo, noted, "Our Enhanced Connected Care program across select Apollo hospitals has seen huge success with patients benefiting from this unique experience. Augmenting the quality of care and safety provided to patients, this continuous monitoring system enables us to monitor patients 24X7, ensuring significant improvement in patient's condition management and health outcome. And now, we are all set to roll out these services across all our 70+ hospitals nationwide as we remain committed to bringing patients the best healthcare in the world." 

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of this pioneering healthcare initiative, which empowers the system to monitor patients continuously and promptly detect early signs of deterioration. This capability allows the care team to take corrective action sooner, potentially preventing adverse events.  

Furthermore, the technology permits nurses and doctors to monitor patient health remotely, whether from nurse stations, command centres, or their mobile devices, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. 

Earlier this year, Apollo introduced its Enhanced Connected Care program, which yielded remarkable improvements in both quality and safety, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience.  

Notable outcomes from this program include saving an impressive hour of nursing time per shift, reducing patient readmissions to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by 50%, detecting over 8-10 early warning critical alerts per 100 monitored beds, and receiving almost zero code blue (emergency) calls.  

These results underscore the program's commitment to ensuring patient safety and preventing critical events from being overlooked. 

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