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Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital Integrates Dozee’s RPM & EWS Systems

Written by : Nikita Saha

July 4, 2024

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The 'SmartCare Monitoring' program aims to enhance patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, and boost operational efficiency.

Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, has unveiled its 'SmartCare Monitoring' program in collaboration with Dozee.

This initiative integrates remote patient monitoring (RPM) and an early warning system (EWS) across all ward beds. Healthcare personnel can now remotely track vital signs including heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, SPO2 levels, temperature, and ECG.

Dozee's EWS utilizes AI to monitor vital sign trends and alert healthcare providers to potential clinical deterioration, facilitating prompt medical intervention.

Sharing thoughts, Dr P N Arora, chairman, Yashoda Superspeciality Hospitals said, “As a leader in healthcare, Yashoda Hospitals is always committed to improving patient care beyond just treatment. Our commitment lies in enhancing patient care experience through cutting edge technologies and innovations. By adopting cutting edge technology like Dozee, we are not only enhancing patient safety but also setting new benchmarks in patient care.”

About the SmartCare Monitoring Program

The SmartCare Monitoring program aims to enhance patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, and boost operational efficiency.

"The introduction of the 'SmartCare Monitoring' Programme enhances patient safety and sets a new benchmark for patient care delivery," Arora added.

Dozee utilizes an AI-powered Ballistocardiograph (BCG) for non-contact vital sign monitoring, a technology patented and developed in India.

Gaurav Parchani, CTO and cofounder of Dozee, highlighted, "Our AI-driven early warning system (EWS) plays a crucial role in early detection of clinical deterioration, facilitating prompt interventions and preventing emergencies. By embracing continuous monitoring and early warning systems, the hospital not only integrates technology but also prioritizes patient safety."

Latest Adoption of Dozee’s RPM System

Last month, Hyderabad-based Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital launched the ‘E-Wards - a digital health solution program in collaboration with Dozee’s AI-powered solutions. All ward beds at the hospital are equipped with contactless and continuous monitoring by Dozee's AI-powered RPM and EWS.

While in May, BM Birla Heart Hospital introduced the 'Enhanced Cardiac Care' program in collaboration with healthtech startup Dozee, This initiative emphasizes continuous monitoring to detect and address clinical deterioration at an early stage.

By integrating Dozee's AI-powered contactless RPM and EWS into all ward beds, BM Birla Heart Hospital aims to reinvent the traditional cardiac care model.

Reportedly, Dozee's RPM system is priced at INR 11,999 for purchase or available for rent at INR 3,990 per month.

Disclaimer: Please note that the pricing of Dozee's RPM system, as reported, is subject to change based on company policies and market conditions. This article aims to provide information and is not intended as promotional content. As such, we recommend verifying current pricing directly with the company before making any purchasing or rental decisions.


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