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Gurugram-based MyHealthcare Technologies Achieves 90% EMR Adoption Among Partner Hospitals

Written by : Arti Ghargi

May 1, 2024

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Image Source: MyHealthcare

“EMR adoption has helped drive ROIs - revenue enhancement, plugging revenue leakages and improving operational efficiencies,” MyHealthcare said in a LinkedIn post.

Gurugram-based MyHealthcare Technologies said it has achieved 90% Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption among its healthcare provider partners.

The startup that provides healthcare solutions using technology, has established partnerships with prominent hospitals across states, including PARAS Hospital, CK Birla Hospital, SPARSH Hospital, Sukoon Health, among others.

This achievement stands out in India's healthcare landscape, where digital transformation, particularly in EMR adoption, remains at a nascent stage.

“EMR adoption has helped drive ROIs - revenue enhancement, plugging revenue leakages and improving operational efficiencies,” MyHealthcare said in a LinkedIn post.

MyHealthcare, provider of technology enabled healthcare systems was founded in 2017 by Shyatto Raha, along with cofounders Divya Laroyia and Aneesh Nair leveraging their diverse expertise in information security, business strategy, and media to address the gaps within the healthcare sector.

Speaking to DHN, Shyatto Raha, cofounder and CEO of MyHealthcare said that the healthcare sector in India is dominated by private players, mainly concentrated in top-tier cities.

“However, 70% of the country lacks access to quality primary and super-specialty care. Additionally, the healthcare delivery process is fragmented, requiring patients to visit multiple places for prescriptions, tests, and treatment,” Raha said.

MyHealthcare wanted to bridge this gap by creating an entire healthcare ecosystem that seamlessly connects hospitals, doctors, and patients using technology to improve quality, accessibility and affordability of care.

The platform focused on patient care and partnered with nine hospitals. Over the years the number has gone up to 140 hospitals across the country with services covering inpatient care, hospital management, home care, diagnostics, pharmacy services, and remote patient monitoring.

Thriving in a Competitive Market

The EMR software domain in India is swarming with a variety of providers offering solutions tailored for different medical practices and specialties. The market is competitive and price-sensitive. Despite this, MyHealthcare has been able to carve a spot for itself among the top EMR providers in the country.

One of the reasons MyHealthcare's EMR platform stands out in the market is due to its high configurability and intuitive AI capabilities, claim the startup. In 2022, the platform launched single-window EMR, a first in India, to enable quicker workflow.

MyHealthcare also offers specialty-specific EMRs tailored to various medical specialties, ensuring personalized care. Additionally, features such as Longitudinal Patient History, task-based workflows, and integration with medical devices enhance the platform's capabilities.

The startup said its platform is configurable, at an enterprise, facility, specialty, and individual doctor level.

“This flexibility enables adaptation to specific mandates from hospital management, doctors' prescribing preferences, or specialty-based protocols and record entry requirements. The workflow configurator empowers facilities to tailor their processes for functions like Turnaround Times (TATs), escalations, and business controls,” said Dr Poorva Nandedkar, VP – Clinical Transformation.

Image Source: MyHealthcare

Overcoming Change Management & ROI Expectations Hurdles

Most Indian hospitals even today are dependent on a paper-based system. Digitizing patient records and workflows, faces significant resistance, making change management a key challenge in EMR Adoption.

Divya Laroyia, cofounder and Chief Product Officer, however, noted that pandemic was a catalyst for change. “Our Single Screen EMR design has been particularly well-received, as it allows doctors to access patient data quickly and efficiently,” she said.

DHN had earlier reported how ROI expectations affect EMR adoption in India. However, per MyHealthcare, it has successfully overcome this challenge by demonstrating tangible benefits to hospitals.

“By implementing our Enterprise Ecosystem, hospitals have successfully addressed revenue leakages, converted more unbilled orders, and improved overall revenue generation ensuring continued care,” Laroyia added.

Integration of New Technology & Future Plans

The healthtech firm is now integrating Artificial Intelligence in its platform including in clinical decision support, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms analyze patient data to assist healthcare providers in making informed decisions. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms extract valuable insights from unstructured medical records, enabling the creation of comprehensive patient profiles.

As per Aneesh Nair, cofounder & CIO, MyHealthcare’s EMR platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that analyze and interpret a patient's clinical history and aligns diagnoses with globally accepted standards such as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Additionally, the platform provides a voice-enabled clinical data entry platform, allowing doctors to efficiently dictate e-prescriptions, he said.

The healthtech startup is now working on developing oncology EMR for personalized cancer care, an Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control module, and a Nursing App with BCMA for efficient clinical workflows and enhanced patient care.

“We see this achievement as just the beginning of our journey,” Raha said.


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