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HealthNet Global Launches 5G-Connected Ambulance at Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

January 12, 2024

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Through real-time collaboration and remote guidance from hospital experts, the ambulance facilitates critical decision-making during crucial medical procedures.

Apollo Hospital at Bannerghatta Road in Bengaluru has installed a 5G-connected ambulance from HealthNet Global. The state-of-the-art ambulance uses 5G technology, aiding emergency healthcare services.

Further, the ambulance is equipped with onboard cameras and body cams for paramedics. Thereby, ensuring real-time collaboration and remote guidance from hospital specialists, facilitating critical decision-making during crucial medical procedures.

The primary objective of the launch is to bridge the gap between traditional ambulances and telemedicine. Commenting on the same, Vikram Thaploo, CEO of HealthNet Global, said, "By introducing a revolutionary approach that combines timely medical attention with telemedicine, we aim to be the decisive factor between life and death."

This approach enables swift transmission of vital patient data to emergency room doctors, allowing for informed decisions before reaching the hospital. The integration of 5G technology optimises communication, collaboration, and decision-making, ensuring optimal care delivery within the golden hour.

Sharing thoughts, Dr Manish Mattoo, regional CEO of Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, commenting on the challenges faced by traditional ambulances, said, "Our tele ambulance service emerges as a beacon of progress, offering a solution to these challenges through timely assessment, real-time consultation with specialists, and prompt medical attention."

5G Ambulance Offers Advanced Connectivity Solutions

The 5G-connected ambulance not only addresses challenges faced by traditional ambulances but also features state-of-the-art medical equipment for comprehensive and real-time patient monitoring. This deployment is poised to optimise response times during emergencies, ensuring timely and efficient care delivery.

In addition to its advanced connectivity solutions, the ambulance serves as a fully integrated mobile healthcare unit, incorporating the latest medical technologies and connectivity features.

Dr Mattoo, further added, "By optimising pre-hospital care, we are not just responding to emergencies; we are proactively preventing complications and laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to comprehensive medical care."

Usages of 5G Connected Ambulance on the Rise

Previously, HealthNet Global had introduced a 5G-connected ambulance at Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals in Kolkata in November 2023. This deployment promised to enhance emergency medical services by offering real-time patient monitoring and seamless communication.

This fully integrated mobile healthcare unit, leveraging 5G technology, serves as a vital link between the emergency site and the hospital. Equipped with advanced medical instruments, the ambulance ensures continuous real-time monitoring of vital signs, with data instantly transmitted to the hospital, aiding emergency room doctors in making critical decisions well in advance.

Similarly, in August 2023, ZENZO, a healthcare firm, introduced Mumbai's first-ever 5G ambulance service. The ambulance, equipped with life-saving equipment, ensures comprehensive and timely emergency care, showcasing the continued adoption of advanced healthcare solutions across regions.

Also, Aster Medcity, located in Kochi and part of Aster DM Healthcare, unveiled the nation's first assisted reality enabled 5G smart ambulance in a previous development.


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