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Molbio Diagnostics and SigTuple collaborate on diagnostic testing devices

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 30, 2023

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The collaboration leverages the respective strengths of both organizations to advance technology and increase accessibility to high-quality diagnostics for all individuals

Molbio Diagnostics has announced collaboration with SigTuple, a medtech startup specializing in AI for diagnostics. The collaboration is to develop next-generation AI-enabled portable devices for critical diagnostic tests. The partnership aims to enable point-of-care testing, allowing tests to be conducted in doctor's chambers, public health centers, or emergency rooms without the need to send samples to central laboratories.  

Currently, diagnostic tests primarily take place in clinical laboratories, but there is a global push to decentralize diagnostics and bring testing closer to patients. This decentralization can reduce turnaround time, minimize errors, and facilitate early diagnosis and appropriate treatment initiation. While point-of-care Covid testing devices have seen significant growth due to the pandemic, point-of-care testing for other routine diagnostic tests is still limited.  

Molbio and SigTuple are joining forces to bridge this gap by developing AI-powered, battery-operated, portable devices for diagnostic tests in fields such as Hematology, Biochemistry, and Electrochemistry.

These devices will simplify the testing process, eliminating the need for a trained laboratory technician. Patients will receive accurate laboratory-quality test results within minutes.   The global blood test market is estimated to be worth $75-80 billion. By decentralizing basic testing, this market has the potential to double in size, while reducing patient costs.  

Molbio Diagnostics, driven by its vision to democratize access to high-quality diagnostics, has already made strides in infectious diseases through its point-of-care molecular platform called Truenat. This collaboration with SigTuple will expand their efforts to address critical diagnostic areas and provide instant reports through Artificial Intelligence. This will enable immediate intervention and positively impacting patient and societal well-being.  

SigTuple, founded in 2015, aims to make quality healthcare more accessible, accurate, and affordable using AI, robotics, and microfluidics. While their existing products cater to clinical laboratories, this partnership with Molbio will bring diagnostics closer to the end patient. The collaboration demonstrates confidence in SigTuple's technological capabilities and will accelerate the introduction of this groundbreaking technology to the market.    


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