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How DocPlix Is Improving Healthcare Management in Tier II Cities & Beyond

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

September 28, 2023

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Doctors and hospitals are there where patients are and Indian healthtech startups are there where there is a critical problem to address. 

Initially established as a response to the growing need for efficient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, DocPLix started by developing AI-enabled EMR solutions that offered healthcare providers advanced patient management, treatment planning, and diagnostics tools. This foundational step laid the groundwork for the startup's growth.

In an insightful conversation with Aishwarya Sarthe, DHN, Aayush Garg, CTO, and cofounder, DocPlix talks about how his startup helps clinics, doctors, and hospitals in their healthcare management services with smart tools and technology.

Can you share the origin story of DocPlix and the specific problem in the healthcare sector that you aimed to address through its creation?

The inception of DocPlix can be traced back to a simple yet pivotal conversation between me and Dr Varun Garg, the CEO of Dr Varun, an experienced dentist running his clinic in a Tier II city, who shared the persistent challenges he faced in managing his clinic's operations and patient data. Fueled by a desire to address these issues, we brothers embarked on a collaborative journey.

We crafted a customised digital solution tailored to Dr Varun's clinic. After implementing this solution and witnessing its transformative impact within his clinic for several months, we realised its broader utility and potential to revolutionise healthcare management. Encouraged by the result, Dr Varun and I extended our vision beyond a single clinic and began approaching other healthcare professionals, offering them the same innovative solution. This marked the birth of DocPlix'”a venture born out of necessity and a commitment to improving healthcare management in Tier II cities and beyond.

What are the five most popular tech applications among the people in India that you believe have significantly contributed to improving their wellness and lifestyles?

Fitness apps including HealthifyMe and MyFitnessPal have gained immense popularity, enabling users to monitor their diet, exercise routines, and overall health, promoting healthier lifestyles. Telemedicine platforms such as Practo and 1mg have bridged healthcare accessibility gaps, allowing users to consult with doctors remotely, access medical information, and order medicines online. Mental health apps such as Calm and Headspace have also gained traction, addressing the increasing awareness of mental well-being by offering guided meditation, stress relief, and anxiety management tools. Health tracking wearables including Fitbit and Mi Band have become prevalent for monitoring physical activity, sleep patterns, and vital signs, promoting a holistic approach to health. 

Additionally, diet and nutrition apps like Yazio and MyPlate assist users in tracking daily nutrition intake, helping them make informed dietary choices. These tech applications have become integral to the Indian lifestyle, encouraging healthier choices and greater awareness of wellness, aligning with DocPlix's mission of holistic healthcare.


Could you discuss the key obstacles DocPlix faced in creating an electronic medical records (EMR) system for clinics and hospitals?

DocPlix's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is a digital platform centralising patient health information for authorised healthcare providers. Overcoming hurdles like data security and privacy compliance, interoperability with existing systems, and user adoption required robust encryption, data standards, and user training. 

Customisation for various medical specialties, scalability, data quality assurance, and seamless integration with diverse healthcare technologies were essential considerations. These challenges were met through DocPlix's commitment to secure, flexible, and user-friendly EMR solutions. Our emphasis on data security and adaptability has made our EMR system invaluable for clinics and hospitals, streamlining healthcare workflows while prioritising patient data protection.

How is the integration of AI shaping the future of healthcare technology, especially in data exchange between healthcare providers and patients, as seen through DocPlix's perspective?

AI integration is revolutionising healthcare technology, particularly in data exchange between healthcare providers and patients, from DocPlix's perspective. AI enhances the efficiency and accuracy of medical data analysis, aiding clinical decision-making. For patients, AI-driven tools such as chatbots and health trackers improve engagement and provide real-time insights.

In the context of DocPlix, AI streamlines data exchange by automating tasks including data entry and analysis, reducing administrative burdens. Our AI-enabled EMR system enhances patient-provider interactions with features like speech-to-text prescriptions and smart diagnostics, reducing data exchange friction. Patient-focused AI applications, such as personalised wellness programs, empower individuals to take charge of their health.

AI integration augments healthcare technology's future by improving data accuracy, enabling predictive analytics, and enhancing patient engagement, aligning with DocPlix's mission to provide comprehensive and efficient healthcare solutions.

As technology evolves rapidly, what trends do you foresee having the most significant impact on the healthcare tech industry in the coming years, and how is DocPlix preparing to adapt to these changes?

DocPlix is positioned to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare tech industry by staying agile and innovative. In the swiftly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, several trends are poised to exert substantial influence in the coming years. Firstly, expanding telemedicine and remote patient monitoring is set to revolutionise healthcare accessibility and patient engagement. Secondly, the increasing integration of AI and ML in diagnostics, treatment planning, and predictive analytics will enhance precision and efficiency in healthcare delivery. Lastly, the focus on data security and interoperability remains paramount.


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