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Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai Central Partners with HaystackAnalytics to Venture into Genomics

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

July 4, 2023

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Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central has formed a partnership with HaystackAnalytics, a genomics healthtech startup incubated at IIT Bombay, to venture into precision genomics using whole exome sequencing. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in Wockhardt Hospital's dedication to providing advanced healthcare solutions to patients throughout India.

The alliance with HaystackAnalytics enables Wockhardt Hospital - Mumbai Central to harness genomic potential to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes.

A key component of this partnership is the introduction of the Genetic Health Plan by Wockhardt. This consumer-centric wellness solution is built on an automated artificial intelligence (AI)-based bioinformatics platform. The program is revolutionary, aiming to offer individuals a comprehensive view and a personalized approach to preventative healthcare. It encompasses early detection, future health risk assessment through pathological and genomic tests, and other preventative measures.

The Genetic Health Plan includes a groundbreaking preventive healthcare genome test, available at an introductory price of Rs 15,000 (previously priced at Rs 20,000). This test analyzes the whole exome, covering over 7,000 genes, nearly 9,000 mutations, and essential blood parameters to gain insights into underlying disease predispositions.

By adopting whole exome sequencing and leveraging HaystackAnalytics' expertise, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central aims to empower patients with valuable genomic information that can guide personalized preventive measures and enable early interventions for potential health risks.

Through this collaboration, Wockhardt Hospital reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements. It delivers cutting-edge healthcare solutions to patients across India.


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