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WellSpan Partners with Nuance to Deploy AI-driven Tool DAX Copilot

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

March 11, 2024

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WellSpan Health has implemented an AI-driven clinical documentation tool developed by Nuance to alleviate administrative burdens for healthcare providers.

US-based WellSpan Health, a prominent healthcare provider, has partnered with Massachusetts-based Nuance, a leader in speech recognition technology, to deploy an AI-driven tool DAX Copilot. 

This AI tool integrates seamlessly with Epic, a widely used electronic health record (EHR) system, to facilitate drafting clinical notes during patient visits. 

According to Nuance, the entire process takes seconds, enabling clinicians to focus more on patient care than administrative tasks.

Sharing insights, R Hal Baker, MD, WellSpan's senior VP & chief digital and information officer, said, "We have long recognized the central importance of the quality of each patient’s experience in every interaction with our health system. With DAX Copilot, we’re building on our continuing success with DAX and the trust Nuance has consistently earned over time."

DAX Copilot, developed by Nuance Communications, represents a substantial advancement in clinical documentation technology. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool automates the drafting of clinical notes, reducing the time and effort required from healthcare providers. 

Unlike traditional methods that rely on human reviewers, DAX Copilot utilizes AI exclusively to generate comprehensive notes. Additionally, physicians retain control over the final content, ensuring accuracy and adherence to clinical standards.

Positive Impact on Provider Experience

The implementation of DAX Copilot at WellSpan Health has yielded satisfactory results, as indicated by a recent satisfaction survey conducted by WellSpan Health. The survey revealed that 94% of participating doctors reported an improvement in the quality of patient-physician interactions.

Furthermore, 85% of respondents noted that the tool contributed to a better work-life balance. Patients also expressed satisfaction, with 97% stating that the system's physicians appeared more focused, personable, and engaged during visits.

Sharing thoughts, Robert Dahdah, corporate VP, global health and life sciences at Microsoft, said,  "We are committed to empowering clinicians and providing them with innovations that allow them to commit their full time and attention to providing the best patient care." 

In addition to its collaboration with WellSpan Health, Nuance announced an expansion of its partnership with Providence, a leading healthcare system. 

Both entities aim to scale existing solutions and enhance operational efficiency across various healthcare settings. The collaboration is expected to focus on in-house solutions development, clinical research using generative AI, and improving patient and provider experiences.

UNC Health Plans to Deploy Nuance's AI Clinical Scribe Technology

Recently, UNC Health, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, joined the ranks of healthcare institutions embracing Nuance's AI-based clinical scribe technology. Following a successful pilot program involving a small group of clinicians, UNC Health adopted DAX Copilot to more providers.

Implementing this AI-powered tool reflects UNC Health's aim to enhance clinical workflows and improve patient care delivery. 

By leveraging DAX Copilot embedded within the Epic EHR system, UNC Health aims to streamline documentation processes, reduce administrative burdens on healthcare providers, and ultimately enhance the overall patient experience.


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