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Medtronic and Collaborate to Enhance Stroke Management in India with AI

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

July 3, 2023

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In India, around 1.8 million individuals are impacted by strokes annually, emphasizing the critical importance of timely stroke treatment

Medtronic India has announced a partnership with to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced stroke management in the country. This collaboration combines Medtronic's neuroscience expertise with's AI-enabled innovations to provide comprehensive stroke care solutions.

The main objective of the partnership is to offer AI solutions to both comprehensive stroke centers and primary stroke centers, establishing a network that connects them through technology. This network aims to facilitate faster identification, decision-making, and triaging of stroke patients, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. By leveraging AI technology, the partnership aims to address challenges such as delayed treatment due to lack of symptom awareness and structured patient pathways, as well as delays in referring patients to stroke-ready centers due to limited physician training in interpreting CT scans.'s comprehensive set of solutions, including qER and the Qure app, are specifically designed to help clinicians streamline the stroke care pathway for patients. qER provides rapid reading and interpretation of head CT scans, along with other vital parameters. The Qure app serves as a communication platform that brings together multidisciplinary teams from different hospitals.

Medtronic India envisions a future where strokes can be diagnosed and treated swiftly to save lives. By introducing AI technology, they aim to personalize healthcare and enable real-time decision-making. The collaboration with aims to support surgeons in diagnosing and treating stroke more efficiently. It streamlines data sharing between hospitals, and improves overall operational efficiencies. This ensures that more stroke patients in India can receive treatment within the critical time window.

In India, approximately 1.8 million stroke victims each year, underscoring the importance of timely treatment. The golden period for stroke treatment is within 4.5 hours of the onset of symptoms. In severe cases, treatment can be administered for up to 24 hours. By integrating's AI-powered neuro-critical solutions, Medtronic India aims to enhance stroke detection and management.'s advanced algorithms analyze medical images to improve diagnostic accuracy and speed.

Prashant Warier, CEO & Co-Founder of, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Medtronic India and highlighted the integration of's AI-powered neuro-critical solutions for more effective stroke detection and management. The collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency in hospitals, optimize hub-and-spoke pathways, and leverage AI to improve patient care and bring equitable healthcare to all.

Supporting stroke patients from diagnosis to treatment using AI tools can reduce delays and improve stroke care management, particularly within a hub-and-spoke network. By leveraging AI technology, the partnership between Medtronic and aims to enable efficient referral and treatment for stroke patients in primary and secondary healthcare facilities, ultimately saving valuable time and improving patient outcomes.


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