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Innovaccer Unveils AI Tool ‘Sara Scribe’ to Streamline Doctor's Note-Taking Process

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

January 11, 2024

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Sara Scribe tool offers clinical insights into quality gaps, coding issues, and potential diagnoses, empowering clinicians in their decision-making process.

Innovaccer, a prominent player in digital healthcare solutions, has introduced Sara Scribe, an AI assistant designed to simplify note-taking during medical appointments. The tool transcribes, analyses, and summarises conversations between healthcare providers and patients, aiming to enhance efficiency in ambulatory care settings.

Sara Scribe integrates with major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, providing real-time generation of encounter notes. The tool offers clinical insights into quality gaps, coding issues, and potential diagnoses, empowering clinicians in their decision-making process. Notably, clinicians have the flexibility to edit notes before submission.

Sara’s Key Features & Pricing

The AI tool comes in two modalities - an enterprise version integrated with Innovaccer's InNote for ambient documentation and clinical insights and an individual offering, a standalone web-based tool with a user-friendly mobile app catering to independent practitioners and small provider groups.

For the initial 200 notes, Sara Scribe is offered free of charge, with subsequent notes incurring a nominal fee of $1 each. This pricing strategy aims to make the tool accessible to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Innovaccer's CEO, Abhinav Shashank, noted the significance of tackling burnout in the healthcare sector and expressed confidence that Sara Scribe aligns with the current needs of medical professionals.

He said, "Burnout is such a big issue for everyone. For us, it feels like the right time to be doing something of this nature."

The tool underwent a beta phase involving around 100 doctors, received positive feedback. Shashank noted that the AI's performance improves with increased usage. Other products, including those for care managers, nurses, and administrative staff, are currently in the pilot phase.

Measuring success by transcription accuracy and note conversion into EHR-standardised SOAP format, Sara Scribe boasts accuracy rates ranging between 90% and 95%. Initial data from the pilot phase indicates a time-saving of approximately seven minutes during a 20-minute visit, equating to a 30% reduction in doctors' note-taking time.

Innovaccer's AI Solutions

Innovaccer, established in 2012, is a San Francisco-based healthcare technology firm cofounded by Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija, and Sandeep Gupta. With additional corporate offices in India's Noida and Bengaluru, the company delivers population health management and pay-for-performance solutions to diverse healthcare providers, including hospitals, physician practices, and health systems.

Innovaccer had previously unveiled an AI assistant named Sara at HIMSS 2023, which provides complex analytic insights using humanlike responses. Sara operates on Innovaccer's Data Activation Platform, unifying patient data across different EHRs and care settings.

Despite achieving unicorn status in 2021, Innovaccer faces growing competition in the AI scribe market. Competitors include Abridge, Nabla, Suki, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. Nabla, a Paris-based startup, reported a 10% uptake of its Spanish-language AI assistant within months of launch and secured $24 million in funding. Suki claimed to be the first AI voice assistant supporting inpatient care.


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