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HaystackAnalytics Partners with NIMS Medicity to Introduce Genomics-Based Infectious Diseases Test in Kerala

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

February 15, 2024

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Using next-generation sequencing, the infexn™ Test detects bacterial and fungal infections and antibiotic-resistance genes in 24 hours.

Kerala takes a major step in the healthcare sector by introducing the infexn™ Test, an onsite genomics test for infectious disease diagnostics.

Developed by HaystackAnalytics, a Mumbai-based clinical genomics health tech startup, in collaboration with Neyyattinkara, Kerala-based NIMS Medicity, this initiative aims to revolutionize the diagnostic landscape of Kerala, offering advanced technology to combat infectious diseases effectively.

Commenting on the development, Dr Mahua Dasgupta Kapoor, director of medical affairs (Infectious Diseases) at HaystackAnalytics, said, "This state-of-the-art genomic testing solution brings efficient and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases to clinicians, leading to targeted therapy and improved patient outcomes."

She further noted the importance of collaborations with hospitals and diagnostic labs, highlighting the growing recognition of genomics in transforming India's healthcare sector.

Role of infexn™ Test in Infectious Disease Diagnosis

The infexn™ Test, developed by HaystackAnalytics, is an advanced next-generation sequencing test designed to detect bacterial and fungal infections, along with relevant antimicrobial resistance genes, within 24 hours.

This kit+software solution represents a significant leap forward in infectious disease diagnostics, offering quick and precise results that can potentially save lives. Dr Kapoor underscored the importance of such advancements in combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and aligning with India's commitment to fighting infectious diseases on a global scale.

While talking to DHN, Dr Mahua Kapoor Dasgupta talked about the potential impact of the infexn™ Test on the healthcare sector. She said, "It will significantly give impetus to evidence-based medicine, enabling caregivers to provide justified antimicrobial prescriptions and discouraging over-the-counter sales of antibiotics." The test's ability to provide accurate diagnosis and tailored antibiotic usage promises to enhance patient outcomes while contributing to the broader goal of antimicrobial stewardship.

Further elaborating on the key benefits of the 'infexn™' genomic test in infectious disease diagnosis, Dr Kapoor added, "Powerful genomic tools provide a high resolution of the antimicrobial resistance profile of organisms causing infection. It not only impacts the choice of individual patient therapy but also plays an important role for better decisions in hospital infection control."

She further discussed the potential of such solutions in mapping transmission dynamics, pathogen evolution, and outbreak linkage, highlighting the need for accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and data governance to overcome existing challenges.

Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Patient Care

NIMS Medicity, a healthcare facility in Kerala, is accredited by NAAC A and NABH. It operates with 400 beds and offers specialized tertiary care. The hospital is a teaching institution, hosting 40 specialty and super-specialty departments. Supported by a team of 200 consultants and over 1500 nursing and paramedical professionals, NIMS Medicity serves as a vital healthcare hub for South Kerala and South Tamil Nadu.

Adding insights, Dr Aneesh Nair, principal scientist & head of NIMS Centre for Genomic Medicine, said, "NIMS Medicity is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions like infexn™, aiming to empower medical practitioners with more precise diagnosis and timely treatments to enhance patient care."

Advancing Healthcare Through Innovation

In a previous development, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central partnered with HaystackAnalytics to venture into precision genomics using whole exome sequencing.

The alliance with HaystackAnalytics enabled Wockhardt Hospital - Mumbai Central to harness genomic potential to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes.

A key component of this partnership was the introduction of the Genetic Health Plan by Wockhardt. This consumer-centric wellness solution was built on an automated artificial intelligence (AI)-based bioinformatics platform.

HaystackAnalytics, founded by Anirvan Chatterjee & Gaurav Srivastava and incubated at IIT Bombay, is a healthtech startup specializing in creating clinical genomics products. These products enable diagnostic labs and hospitals to provide accurate and personalized diagnostics.

Supported by India's science agencies such as DST, BIRAC, and DBT, HaystackAnalytics has developed and launched a portfolio of products aimed at offering genomics solutions for both infectious and chronic diseases.

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