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GenWorks Health Launches TECHGenworks Digital Healthcare Solutions

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

February 27, 2024

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The suite is tailored to address various aspects of healthcare, including screening, diagnosis, and treatment, to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

GenWorks Health, a healthcare solutions provider, has announced the launch of TECHGenworks, a suite of digital healthcare solutions to modernize the healthcare landscape. 

This announcement coincides with GenWorks Health's tenth anniversary, marking a decade of service and innovation in the healthcare industry.

The TECHGenworks suite is designed to empower healthcare partners with advanced technology, focusing on improving service delivery, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare solutions. The suite is tailored to address various aspects of healthcare, including screening, diagnosis, and treatment, to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Sharing insights, S Ganesh Prasad, founder of GenWorks Health, said, "GenWorks, after a decade of enhancing healthcare, introduces TECHGenworks to increase scalability. Our tech solutions, including Femtech solutions for Medtronic and MODT, boost OEM success. We can make any product a hit within 90 days of launch."

A Multifaceted Portfolio of Digital Solutions

The TECHGenworks portfolio encompasses a range of innovative solutions designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs. Among these offerings is GenVCare, a platform that facilitates healthcare delivery by providing clinical protocols and access to device data. 

Additionally, the SHE Guide, developed in collaboration with FOGSI, is tailored to support women's health awareness initiatives, highlighting GenWorks Health's commitment to promoting holistic healthcare.

Furthermore, TECHGenworks includes solutions such as GenService, which is aimed at streamlining internal operations, and GenWorks Live, a collaborative platform designed to enhance productivity and customer service. SwiftLink, another portfolio component, focuses on automating the supply chain process, simplifying order placement, and tracking for a vast customer base.

Additionally, as part of GenWorks Health's aim to improve healthcare outcomes and accessibility, TECHGenworks was developed and deployed to fill gaps in the healthcare delivery process. Through "Tech for Value," the company seeks to empower healthcare partners nationwide with innovative technology solutions that elevate service delivery and facilitate comprehensive care.

Promoting Early Detection & Awareness

GenWorks Health's effort to enhance healthcare extends beyond technological innovation. The company has previously collaborated with the Rotary Club in initiatives such as the "Fighting Against Cancer" campaign to enhance rural healthcare and combat breast and cervical cancer. Project Malar, inaugurated by Rotary International President Jennifer E Jones, focuses on deploying cutting-edge medical technology for early screening and detection of cancer.

Over the course of six months, GenWorks Health provided Braster Pro units to government primary healthcare centers, resulting in a significant increase in screenings and early detections. Through collaborative efforts with Rotary Clubs, the initiative aims to detect cancer early, raise awareness, and educate communities about preventive measures.

Furthermore, GenWorks Health previously introduced GenStore, an e-commerce platform tailored for the Indian market. This platform offers convenient access to medical equipment and supplies at competitive prices, catering to many customers, including doctors, hospitals, medical professionals, NGOs, and paramedics. With a focus on providing verified products and seamless doorstep delivery, GenStore aims to streamline the procurement process for healthcare entities across the country.


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