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GenWorks Health Partners with Rotary Club to Combat Breast & Cervical Cancer in Rural Communities

Written by : Jayati Dubey

October 21, 2023

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Their joint initiative “Project Malar” aims to achieve tangible results in the fight against breast and cervical cancer in rural India.

GenWorks Health, a healthcare solutions provider, has teamed up with the Rotary Club in their "Fighting Against Cancer" campaign to enhance rural healthcare and combat breast and cervical cancer. Their joint initiative, Project Malar, was inaugurated by Rotary International President Jennifer E Jones during her visit to India.

The cornerstone of Project Malar is the deployment of cutting-edge medical technology, including Braster Pro and EVA devices. These AI-enabled, cloud-connected tools are designed for portable breast and cervical cancer screening, operated by paramedical professionals in public health centres.

Over a span of six months, GenWorks Health provided Braster Pro units to government primary healthcare centres, resulting in an average weekly screening of 25 to 35 patients. Remarkably, healthcare workers detected abnormalities at an early stage, making a significant impact on the fight against breast and cervical cancer.

During this time, approximately 1500 individuals were diagnosed, and over 3% of patients were saved from potential health issues. These patients were referred to specialised scan centres, with Rotary Clubs playing a pivotal role in facilitating mammography examinations.

Beyond early detection, GenWorks Health and Rotary Club are committed to increasing awareness and knowledge about breast cancer and its risk factors in the targeted areas. Their joint efforts encompass educational programs aimed at empowering communities and individuals with vital information about breast cancer prevention and timely intervention.

GenWorks Health's Founder, MD & CEO, S Ganesh Prasad, emphasised the multifaceted nature of addressing breast cancer in rural communities. He highlighted the need for comprehensive solutions that encompass healthcare infrastructure, education, and cultural factors.

"The collaboration of GenWorks with Rotary has ensured that rural women get timely detection and are also able to prevent diseases such as Breast Cancer at the right time."

By leveraging advanced medical technology, raising awareness, and fostering community support, they aim to make significant strides towards improving the healthcare landscape and ensuring timely intervention for those at risk. This collaborative effort is a critical step in the ongoing battle against these life-threatening diseases.

In a similar development to enhance and elevate cancer screening quality within the current healthcare system, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently called for expressions of interest (EOI) from Indian scientists and researchers. The aim is to expedite the screening, early diagnosis, and cancer treatment at the district level.

It will engage non-specialist physicians and healthcare workers within a supportive healthcare structure to screen for cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. The focus is also on ensuring that individuals who test positive are linked to facilities for early diagnosis and treatment.


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