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After G20 Summit, JK Set To Host International Conference On Robotic Surgeries

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

May 30, 2023

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This conference will showcase cutting-edge robotic surgery procedures and provide a platform for knowledge exchange among medical professionals. GMC Srinagar's position as a leading institution in robotic surgery is reinforced with this event.

Government Medical College Srinagar is gearing up to host an exceptional workshop-cum-conference on live robotic surgery on June 1 and 2. The Department of General and Minimal Access Surgery at GMC Srinagar is spearheading this high-tech three-day international event, which promises to showcase cutting-edge laparoscopic surgical procedures and advanced urological techniques. Renowned experts from around the world will demonstrate these procedures live, providing a unique opportunity for postgraduates and young surgeons to witness innovative surgical skills and engage in discussions on complex clinical issues.

This groundbreaking event marks a significant milestone in the history of Jammu and Kashmir and GMC Srinagar. For the first time, the relay of Advanced Robotic Surgery from Kochi will be show cased, undoubtedly benefiting medical professionals in the region. The workshop-cum-conference aims to shed light on the exceptional quality of urological and surgical work being carried out in the Department of Surgery at GMC Srinagar.

The event is being organized in collaboration with the Kashmir Urological Society, a distinguished group of urologists practicing in Kashmir and abroad. Through this joint effort, the foundation for robotic surgery will be solidified within the Department of General and Minimal Access Surgery at GMC Srinagar.

The event has already attracted approximately 300 delegates from within and outside Jammu and Kashmir, demonstrating the widespread interest and anticipation surrounding this event. Medical professionals from various parts of the world have eagerly registered to attend, including doctors from the USA, UK, and other countries. Their presence will greatly contribute to the guidance and knowledge sharing among local doctors regarding live robotic surgery and related topics.

Professor Mufti Mahmood Ahmad, the esteemed Head of the Department of General and Minimal Access Surgery at GMC Srinagar, expressed his pride in the department's recent progress, surpassing counterparts in various aspects. In the previous year, the department successfully conducted hands-on training for over 200 doctors on the robotic platform, aiming to familiarize surgeons and urologists with this advanced modality of surgery.

Continuing their efforts, the department has taken a giant leap forward this year by organizing the relay of Live Robotic Surgery and implementing a skill development program for young surgeons and postgraduates. The conference will feature state-of-the-art simulators, allowing participants to gain practical experience and enhance their surgical proficiency.

The anticipation surrounding this workshop-cum-conference stems from the recognition that robotic surgery has revolutionized the field of medicine. With its precise and minimally invasive techniques, robotic surgery offers numerous advantages over traditional approaches, including smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, faster recovery times, and enhanced surgical outcomes. By showcasing live robotic surgery and facilitating hands-on training, GMC Srinagar aims to equip local medical professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness the potential of robotic surgery effectively.

The impact of this event extends beyond the workshop-cum-conference itself. It signifies a crucial step towards advancing surgical practices in Jammu and Kashmir, positioning GMC Srinagar as a leading institution in the field. The collaboration between national and international experts not only enhances the academic and clinical environment but also fosters long-term partnerships that can facilitate further advancements and knowledge exchange.

As the workshop-cum-conference on live robotic surgery draws near, the medical community in Jammu and Kashmir eagerly awaits this transformative event. It promises to inspire and educate participants, elevate the standard of surgical care, and shape the future of healthcare in the region.


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