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Wipro Collaborates with NVIDIA to Propel AI Adoption in Healthcare

Written by : Jayati Dubey

November 23, 2023

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The NVIDIA AI platform integrated with Wipro's WeGA framework, enables collaborative development and deployment of custom models, enhancing operational efficiency, boosting productivity, and providing deeper intelligence for healthcare organisations.

Wipro, the Bengaluru-based IT giant, has joined forces with NVIDIA to expedite the integration of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) in healthcare.

This collaboration aims to leverage AI-driven strategies, products, and services to enhance Wipro's healthcare solutions, particularly in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare, and Medicaid domains. The partnership will harness the power of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software to optimise AI production across Wipro's healthcare portfolio.

Wipro plans to deploy NVIDIA AI Enterprise software for the development of AI solutions that target member experience improvement, increased enrolment, and streamlined claims adjudication. By incorporating NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, including NeMo, Riva, and the NVIDIA DGX platform, Wipro aims to enhance healthcare organisations' capabilities in generative, speech, and translation AI.

Nagendra Bandaru, president and managing partner of Wipro Enterprise Futuring, said, "This collaboration will allow us to deliver AI-enabled innovation for the healthcare industry at scale and drive healthcare solutions with advanced computing capabilities. We are looking forward to building healthcare specific solutions for a new era of AI-led innovation and business transformation."

The integration of NVIDIA's AI platform with Wipro's Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) framework will facilitate the co-development and deployment of custom models for speech and translation AI, along with other large language models (LLMs). This synergy is expected to enhance operational efficiencies, increase productivity, and provide deeper member intelligence for healthcare organisations.

Wipro has already made strides in developing AI-first enterprise offerings across the healthcare industry using the NVIDIA AI platform. These offerings encompass billing and enrollment solutions, provider and member services with gen AI capabilities, and targeted solutions to enhance claims processing and provider data accuracy.

"Our healthcare experience, innovative AI frameworks, and platforms combined with NVIDIA's leadership in accelerated computing and AI will help the world's largest healthcare entities to embrace new AI capabilities and re-imagine their business," said Jason Eichenholz, senior vice president and global head of ecosystems & partnerships at Wipro.

Wipro engineers will receive ongoing training on NVIDIA's application frameworks through an AI Centre of Excellence as part of the collaboration. This training will cover areas such as generative AI, the metaverse, conversational AI, and data analytics, aiming to accelerate the development of custom solutions and automate the software development lifecycle.

Manuvir Das, vice president of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA, expressed the demand for integrating multilingual, voice-enabled generative AI into business applications. The collaboration between Wipro and NVIDIA is poised to address this demand by leveraging the highest-performing and most energy-efficient solutions available.

Wipro's recent initiatives in the healthcare sector involve transforming the contact centre experience through generative, speech, and translation AI. This approach aims to provide patients with accurate, contextual, personalised, and timely responses based on their medical records, claim history, and provider information.

In another development, NVIDIA, just days back, collaborated with L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) to pioneer software-defined architectures for medical devices, specifically focusing on endoscopy applications. This partnership aims to elevate image quality and scalability in medical products, promising significant advancements in the field.


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