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US’ Everside Health Merges with Marathon Health to Boost Advanced Primary Care Access

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

February 10, 2024

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Combined services include primary care, mental health support, occupational health, musculoskeletal care, and pharmacy for employer and union clients.

US-based Everside Health and Marathon Health have entered into a merger. This move is to expand access to advanced primary care within a value-based framework. 

The amalgamation combines two entities dedicated to serving employer and union-sponsored clients, offering a range of services including primary care, mental health support, occupational health, musculoskeletal care, and pharmacy services.

Indianapolis-headquartered Marathon Health, and Everside Health, operating from Denver, have now combined their efforts under the banner of Marathon Health. Their collective reach extends to 2.5 million eligible patients across 41 states, with a presence in more than 680 health centers both physically and virtually, covering all 50 states.

Commenting on the merger, Jeff Wells, CEO & MD, Marathon Health., said, "There's been a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each of our organizations. Healthcare at the end of the day is local." 

The decision to merge came after deliberations on accelerating their shared vision and enhancing stakeholder value, which began in early 2023.

What the Merger Seeks?

The merger aims to strengthen the financial standing of the newly formed entity along with forming more regional and national partnerships. It further seeks to improve referrals by leveraging their respective knowledge of local healthcare ecosystems along with enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moreover, the combined entity anticipates increased investment capacity to better support clinical teams and elevate the patient experience. This strategic move will also enable Marathon Health to attract top talent and provide enhanced local leadership support for clients.

At the heart of their care model is allowing providers to spend more meaningful time with patients, fostering positive, long-term behavior change. Utilizing AI tools and e-consult partnerships further enhances the quality of care by facilitating streamlined referrals to specialists and eliminating unnecessary costs.

With all physical centers equipped for virtual care, Marathon Health offers a nationally scaled virtual primary care team licensed across all 50 states. This setup caters to remote employees who may not have access to in-person services, ensuring continuity of care regardless of location.

Fostering Meaningful Patient-Provider Relationships

Wells clarified that Marathon Health's approach is not transactional but rather relationship-based, focusing on comprehensive or advanced primary care. He noted, "It's designed the same way that all of our care teams are — it's relationship-based, comprehensive or advanced primary care."

Notably, many members engaging with Marathon Health experience tangible improvements in their symptoms within six months to a year. Additionally, the cost of care per member is estimated to be $2,000 less annually than traditional models, underscoring the efficacy of Marathon Health's value-based care approach.

Looking ahead, the merged organization aims to further expand access to better outcomes and lower costs through its value-based care model. Members pay a fixed fee for access to Marathon services, with the company prioritizing value over volume. This shift away from fee-for-service models reflects a commitment to addressing the inadequacies of the current healthcare system.

Marathon Health serves a diverse member base, catering to individuals across various demographics and geographic locations. To address the unique needs of each group, the provider emphasizes identifying and addressing social determinants of health, drawing upon both in-house and community resources.

The integration of Everside Health and Marathon Health is expected to be completed within the next year, with a focus on a seamless transition and continued growth. Wells expressed optimism about the future prospects, stating, "We're excited about the combined growth prospects and have a laser focus on that integration plan over the next six to 12 months."

Founded in 2010, Everside Health recently bagged $164 million in a funding round to fuel its growth and potential merger and acquisition activities. The infusion of capital will enable Everside Health to enhance its technological capabilities and further its mission of providing holistic patient care.


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