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Microbiome Firm Leucine Rich Bio Inaugurates Gut Health Clinic in Bengaluru

Written by : Nikita Saha

September 7, 2023

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The clinic is specially designed to conduct an in-depth analysis of patients' gut microbiome or the microorganisms present inside the human gut. Further, the clinic will provide patients with expert consultation from experienced doctors and nutritionists.

Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia's first microbiome company, has unveiled its gut health clinic in Bengaluru. This clinic seamlessly integrates clinic and lab within the same facility, offering patients a deep understanding of the workings of the revolutionary next-generation sequencing-based gut microbiome test.

The clinic is specially designed to conduct an in-depth analysis of patients' gut microbiome or the microorganisms present inside the human gut. Furthermore, leveraging advanced technology-enabled products including BugSpeaks (microbiome test), and RychBiome (Indian data-based nutraceuticals), along with a range of other tests, the clinic stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Additionally, with a team of experienced doctors and nutritionists on board, the newly inaugurated clinic will provide patients with expert consultation. Moreover, the clinic offers an opportunity for patients to gain insights into the functionality of microbiome test BugSpeaks from close quarters.

Speaking at the event, Kumar Sankaran, cofounder and CEO, Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd said, "There is an increased awareness among people regarding the food they consume and their health status. Be it managing chronic diseases such as diabetes or tackling obesity or observing differential outcomes with treatments of life-threatening conditions like cancer, the importance of gut microbiome is gaining significant attention."

Earlier, the microbiome company launched Rychbiome Indus for the well-being of gut health. Owing to the sharp rise in gut-related concerns and their profound impact on overall well-being, Leucine Rich Bio has developed Rychbiome Indus. 

While the Indian market offers various probiotics, these are not based on the Indian gut microbiome data, potentially limiting their effectiveness.

It is a synbiotic, (contains both probiotics and prebiotics) that contributes to the well-being of the gut, leading to a significant influence on an individual's overall health. It is a research-driven blend that has taken shape after the company studied many Indian gut microbiome samples. The product has been manufactured in accordance with the stringent GMP and FSSAI manufacturing and safety standards by the company's trusted manufacturing partner in India.


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