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MedBeat HealthConnect App Unveils 4 New Languages Feature for Enhanced Patient-Doctor Communication

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

January 16, 2024

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MedBeat HealthConnect's app addresses the challenge of language barriers by interacting with patients in their mother tongue to assess symptoms.

In a move to enhance patient-doctor communication, MedBeat HealthConnect has introduced four additional language supports on their app including Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. This brings the total number of languages available on the app to six, including Hindi and English.

Emphasising the significance of this expansion, Dr Monika Agarwal, cofounder & chief evangelist, MedBeat HealthConnect, said, "With the increased number of languages available in the MedBeat HealthConnect app, today we are able to connect with over 62 percent of the patients in India in their first language, no mean task in this English-focused digital marketplace that we are in."

The primary objective behind this language expansion is to bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors. MedBeat HealthConnect's app addresses the challenge of language barriers by interacting with patients in their mother tongue to assess symptoms.

The app then generates a summary of symptoms and medical history presented to the doctor, aiding in a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. This summary is crafted with doctors' technical, medical terminology, facilitating efficient understanding.

MedBeat App: Features & Upgradations

MedBeat HealthConnect was introduced by healthcare technology player, AI4Rx. It is a user-friendly AI application that gathers precise medical summaries of patients' symptoms and conditions for easier assessment by healthcare professionals. A key objective of this initiative was to improve communication and understanding between patients and their medical caregivers.

Established in 2019 by Anuj Gupta and Dr Monika Agarwal in New Delhi, AI4Rx provides AI-powered healthcare solutions targeting improved access to medical care, especially in government hospitals and rural areas.

Later, its updated version, MedBeat HealthConnect Plus app was introduced. This AI-powered application provides precise medical summaries of patients' symptoms and conditions, streamlining the diagnostic process with accurate differential diagnoses. The app serves as a digital assistant for junior doctors, optimising consultation time for independent physicians and small clinics.

Latest Developments in HealthTech Space

In a similar development, Mumbai-based Quantum CorpHealth launched DOCTOR911, a healthcare application offering personalised and convenient healthcare services. Leveraging AI, the app analyses user symptoms and provides diagnosis suggestions based on medical history, aiming to provide faster and cost-effective healthcare services.

Moreover, with the app, users can order medicines, blood tests, or other tests from the app’s partner pharmacies and labs. Along with booking various health check-ups such as blood tests, urine tests, ECGs, X-rays, etc. from the app’s partner diagnostic centres. They can also get their reports online within 24 hours.

Furthermore, Abbott introduced the FreeStyle LibreLink app in India in November'23. This app allows users of the FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system to check readings on their mobile phones without the need for finger pricking. The app, compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, facilitates real-time glucose data sharing with healthcare providers.

While in September’23, Abbott introduced the 'Vertigo Coach' app in India, a digital health solution designed to provide individuals dealing with vertigo a comprehensive resource to manage their condition effectively, 24/7.

Last year, JB Pharma contributed to medical education with the launch of JB NEXT, a knowledge-based mobile app for doctors and post-graduate medical students in India. The platform offers educational sessions conducted by national and international Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Furthermore, the app aids in improving communication, writing skills, medico-legal expertise, paper publishing, and social and digital usage by featuring dedicated sections curated by renowned subject experts. By offering a comprehensive array of resources and knowledge, JB NEXT aims to support and enrich the medical professionals' abilities in their respective fields.


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