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mCURA Launches MediLounge in Hyderabad to Offer Health Teleconsultation

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

February 9, 2024

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MediLounge's hub-and-spoke model offers access to specialists across geographical boundaries, including international experts.

Gurugram-based healthtech company, mCURA Mobile Health has introduced MediLounge, an integrated direct and teleconsultation platform, in Hyderabad.

Utilizing a hub-and-spoke model, MediLounge seeks to offer access to specialists across geographical boundaries, including international experts.

Expressing thoughts, Madhubala Radhakrishnan, founder & CEO, mCURA, said, "MediLounge signifies a paradigm shift in teleconsultation, offering an integrated approach towards patient care. By bridging healthcare gaps through doctor-to-doctor communication, we aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery in India."

Founded in 2013, by Madhubala Radhakrishnan, the Gurugram-based company aims to revolutionize the way outpatient department services (OPD) operate in hospitals and clinics. According to the company, mCURA: Smart OPD, their leading product, transforms conventional desk services by seamlessly integrating mobile solutions, improving patient experiences, and increasing hospital revenues. Through models such as "Tap & Pay" and "Shortest Service Path," the platform effectively tackles common OPD challenges, streamlining operations for patients and healthcare providers.

Teleconsultation Addressing Healthcare Challenges

Situated in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, the newly launched platform provides premium integrated direct and teleconsultation services within a lounge setting. Its range of services includes pre-assessment facilities, IoT-enabled instant tests, and specialist teleconsultations.

Teleconsultation is poised for substantial growth, projected at 23.95% over the next five years. However, existing mobile-based models face inherent limitations that impede effective implementation.

In an exclusive conversation with DHN, CEO Radhakrishnan talked about these challenges and highlighted MediLounge's role in enhancing teleconsultation efficacy.

"Polyclinics and mid-sized hospitals often struggle with the unavailability of super specialists. With MediLounge, these establishments can ensure continuity in patient treatment by accessing a pool of specialists," she stated.

Furthermore, she highlighted the platform's potential in opening new avenues for pre and post-operative care, thereby reducing the burden on tertiary hospitals.

Integrated Approach of MediLounge

Emphasizing the benefits of MediLounge's integrated approach, including pre-assessment, IoT-enabled tests, and specialist teleconsultations, Radhakrishnan highlighted its transformative impact on patient experience.

"MediLounge redefines patient care, offering health consumers a platform for in-depth discussions with specialists. We focus on promoting holistic disease management, moving away from episodic treatments towards continuous healthcare," she added.

Further, mCURA has been forming several international ties to enhance healthcare. For instance, it recently partnered with Medi Pocket, USA, to elevate teleconsultation standards in India. . Radhakrishnan noted this collaboration as a game-changer, offering access to top international specialists without needing travel.

"With teleconsultation, we are breaking boundaries and providing access to the best healthcare," Radhakrishnan added. She further informed patients can seek opinions from international specialists and benefit from remote monitoring, particularly for rare or critical illnesses.

With this initiative, mCURA aims to promote disease management as a continuous process, moving away from episodic treatments. Further, MediLounge seeks to facilitate in-depth discussions with specialists, empowering individuals to understand their health holistically and adopt proactive measures.

Recent Telehealth Developments

Recently, Apollo Telehealth and Medanta have also made significant strides in telehealth services. Apollo Telehealth inaugurated TeleEmergency and TeleICU services at nine NTPC plants across India, bringing advanced medical care closer to the workforce.

Similarly, Medanta's collaboration with GE Healthcare has led to the nationwide launch of Tele-ICU services aimed at improving critical care outcomes and addressing the shortage of specialists in remote areas.

With an authorized share capital of INR 7,500,000 and a paid-up capital of INR 7,205,000, mCURA Mobile Health is actively engaged in database activities and the distribution of electronic content. This includes database development, data storage, and availability, ensuring organized and accessible data for all users.


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