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Lucknow’s KSSSCIH Hospital Announces Revenue Sharing Model for Doctors to Enhance Patient Care

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 28, 2024

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The decision aims to keep doctors engaged in patient welfare and prevent them from seeking work outside the campus. 

Lucknow’s Kalyan Singh Super Speciality Cancer Institute and Hospital (KSSSCIH) has announced the implementation of a revenue-sharing model similar to that of Tata Memorial Hospital for doctors who work beyond their stipulated hours.

According to a decision made at the institute's 11th governing body meeting, the doctors will receive a share of the revenue. 

The decision aims to keep doctors engaged in patient welfare and prevent them from seeking work outside the campus. 

"Tata Memorial Hospital has a revenue sharing model in OPD, admission, tests, and other facilities. We will adopt this system and, as part of this, a portion of the income will go to doctors while the rest will be used to develop campus facilities further," stated Dr Devashish Shukla, registrar, KSSSCIH.

The governing body meeting was chaired by chief secretary DS Mishra, who endorsed the new model and stressed its importance in enhancing doctor engagement and patient care. 

Officials believe this model will benefit the doctors and the institute by improving service quality and retaining medical talent within the hospital.

Continued Support for Poor Patients & Facility Development

Dr RK Dhiman, the institute's director, confirmed that existing arrangements for outpatient department (OPD) services, tests, and admissions will continue unchanged. 

"All previous arrangements will continue in OPD, tests, and admissions. The benefits of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister’s funds will continue," he stated.

He also mentioned a significant state government grant to enhance the institute's infrastructure. "INR 309 Cr has been sanctioned by the state government for the development of campus facilities," Dr Dhiman announced. This funding will help expand the hospital's capabilities and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

In addition to infrastructure development, KSSSCIH is focusing on academic growth. 

"DM in on-anesthesia, M Ch in neuro-onco surgery, MD in radiation oncology, and post-doctoral certificate course (PDCC) in transfusion medicine will focus on expanding student strength and research," Dr Dhiman added. 

These new courses are expected to enhance the hospital’s academic and research profile, attracting more students and professionals.

Increasing Staff & Enhancing Patient Care

To cope with the high patient load, KSSSCIH is hiring additional faculty and staff. "The appointment of additional faculty and staff is in process to help more than 250 patients that are attended to daily on campus on an average," said an official. 

This increase in staffing is crucial to managing the growing number of patients and ensuring that each patient receives adequate attention and care.

Principal secretary of Medical Health, Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma, also attended the governing body meeting and supported the decisions made. The presence of senior officials underscores the significance of these changes and the state government's commitment to improving healthcare services at KSSSCIH.

Recent Developments

Previously, KSSSCI unveiled a new 4D-CT simulator machine to treat cancerous tumors. This initiative aims to provide precise treatment for tumors that move with respiration. The newly launched technology helps in accurately mapping and treating moving tumors, enhancing the effectiveness of cancer treatment and potentially improving patient outcomes. 

The 4D-CT simulator can track the movement of these tumors and deliver radiation therapy more precisely, leading to better treatment outcomes and fewer side effects for patients. This technique is now available for people seeking advanced radiation therapy at KSSSCI.

In a related development to improve healthcare access in the northeastern region of India, the Guwahati Refinery and the Tata Cancer Care Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide vital equipment to the Silchar Cancer Centre in Assam.

As part of this collaboration, Guwahati Refinery committed financial support amounting to INR 16.39 Cr. This funding sought to procure specialized medical equipment, including a LINAC for external beam radiation therapy, a treatment planning system, and a computer-based software system used in radiation oncology, dosimetry, and immobilization devices.


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