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Johnson & Johnson Vision Introduces Silk Procedure for Myopia Correction in India

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

September 25, 2023

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Utilising the latest laser vision correction technology, this procedure marks a substantial step forward in providing improved vision to patients in India.

In a significant development in the field of eye healthcare, Johnson & Johnson Vision, a global player in eye health, has introduced Silk (Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis) procedure in India.

The procedure is to be used for correcting myopia, both with and without astigmatism, thereby marking a substantial step forward in providing improved vision to Indian patients.

The primary objective behind launching the Silk procedure is to empower surgeons with advanced technologies and designs that instill confidence in correcting refractive errors. This advancement also aims to enhance the overall surgical experience for patients while delivering positive outcomes.

Burzin Shahana, country manager, Surgical Vision India, Johnson & Johnson Vision, stated, 'œWith the launch of the SILK procedure, our objective is to equip surgeons with advanced technologies and designs to instill a high level of confidence in addressing refractive errors, while also enhancing the surgical process and the outcomes for patients.'

Correcting myopia, or nearsightedness, traditionally involves glasses, contact lenses, or surgery in specific cases, primarily for adults. Refractive surgery is a game-changer for myopic patients, enabling clear vision of distant objects without relying on glasses or contacts. 

Johnson & Johnson Vision's SILK procedure is the latest laser vision correction approach tailored for individuals grappling with myopia. 

This technique entails gently creating and removing a small disk-shaped lens, termed a lenticule, within the cornea through a microscopic incision. This delicate process reshapes the cornea, leading to flawless vision for the patient.

Taking ahead the company's vision of going beyond ocular care, recently, Johnson & Johnson MedTech India has partnered with Karkinos Healthcare. This collaboration seeks to amalgamate digital learning methodologies with Karkinos' proficiency in establishing holistic cancer care systems within hospitals.


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