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Fischer Medical Ventures & Nervotec Partner for Contactless Video-based Health Screening

Written by : Nikita Saha

July 5, 2024

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Per the deal, both companies aim to transform healthcare screening by enabling blood pressure, hemoglobin, and HbA1C measurements using camera-enabled devices.

Fischer Medical Ventures Limited (formerly Fischer Chemic Limited) has formed a strategic alliance with Singapore-based Nervotec to offer healthcare screening through contactless video-based vital signs monitoring.

Per the deal, both companies aim to transform healthcare screening by enabling blood pressure, hemoglobin, and HbA1C measurements using camera-enabled devices.

On the partnership, Ravindran Govindan, executive chairman & MD of Fischer MVL, said, "We are elated to partner with Nervotec, a pioneer and leader in contactless vital signs monitoring that will redefine healthcare delivery worldwide. Not everyone has wearables, but most of us have a camera phone to enable Nervotec’s technology for regular monitoring of their own health and support mass screening faster and more cost-effective.’’

The Partnership Agenda

The partnership will leverage Nevotec’s contactless solution remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology to detect irregular heartbeats, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels and detection of cardiovascular diseases.

“Nervotec’s solutions complement our portfolio of medical devices and diagnostic solutions, and will create great value for our customers and stakeholders,” noted Fisher MD Govindan.

Reportedly, the companies will also harness AI to analyze physiological biomarkers just from a person's face using any camera-enabled device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Users simply had to look at their camera-enabled device and within minutes, Nervotec’s algorithms will analyze his/her vitals, making wearables or invasive procedures redundant.

Clinically validated in Singapore, Nervotec’s process is fast, accurate, and cost-effective, a ground-breaking solution to enable large-scale screening for early detection and intervention.

Expressing thoughts, Jonathan Lau, cofounder, and CEO of Nervotec, emphasized the transformative potential of their technology, “With the high prevalence of undetected conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, we believe Nervotec’s innovative solution can truly make a difference in the well-being of billions of people globally. By identifying health risks before they escalate, Nervotec’s technology empowers individuals, healthcare providers, and employers to take timely action."

Additionally, with this partnership, Nerrvotec seeks to expand its reach across various sectors, aligning with its goal of offering personalized healthcare globally.

Fischer’s Previous Developments

Just last month, Fischer Medical Ventures and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Time Medical International Ventures (India), partnered with BluSim Tech, a health-tech company based in Singapore, to enhance nursing home care globally.

In the same month, Fischer invested in Singapore-based Wonder Tech Group (Wonder Tech), which aimed to transform the mental healthcare landscape with advanced AI technologies. It leveraged Wonder Tech's pioneering voice-based diagnostic platform to enhance mental health diagnostics and treatment across various markets.

Days back, Fischer joined hands with its subsidiaries, DigiHealth Specialists and RiteMED Philippines to bolster the Philippines' Universal Health Care (UHC) program. This partnership sought to leverage advanced digital healthcare technology to improve the accessibility and affordability of primary healthcare in the country.


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