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Delhi-Based Varco Launches World’s First AI-Powered Leg Health Test

Written by : Nikita Saha

January 26, 2024

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This technology utilises AI and ML for personalised solutions to address conditions such as spider veins, diabetic foot, restless leg syndrome and more.

Delhi-based healthtech startup Varco Leg Care has unveiled the world's first AI-powered Leg Health Test. This technology utilises AI and machine learning for personalised solutions to address conditions such as spider veins, diabetic foot, restless leg syndrome and more.

Moreover, this health test features a Neural Network Technology containing over five million parameters that analyse user data to give the output of a leg health score, recommended products/dosages, projected healing times, and tailored insights.

Commenting on the launch, Anondeep Ganguly, CEO & founder, Varco Leg Care said, “Our first-of-its-kind Leg Health Test represents a significant leap forward in personalised leg healthcare, where we provide users with ultra-targeted recommendations to address their unique needs, empowering them to take charge of their health journey. By incorporating Neural Network Technology, we aim to empower individuals to proactively improve their leg health and maintain it.”

What the Health Test Entail

Users begin the Varco leg health test by answering ten carefully designed questions about lifestyle factors, health history, symptoms, and areas of concern.

Following this, users upload high-resolution images of their legs from various angles, VarcoLeg Care's advanced neural network processes these images, to compute the user's comprehensive leg health score—a single metric summarising their overall leg health status.

Additionally, the test offers product recommendations from Varco Leg Care. These personalised recommendations include optimal products, solutions, dosages, durations, and applications to integrate into the user's daily health regimen.

Furthermore, those dealing with conditions such as spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency, diabetic foot ulcers, or restless leg syndrome receive customised solutions to address their symptoms. Varco’s leg health test is available on their website.

Varco Transforming Leg Care

Varco Leg Care non-invasive, user-friendly leg diagnostic has profound implications for consumer healthcare technology. Powered by its robust neural network infrastructure, VarcoLeg Care sets a new standard for personalised medicine and democratised healthcare access.

The launch of Varco Leg Care’s AI-powered leg health test signifies a critical step in healthcare technology. With this, consumers can get expert-system-quality insights into their leg health, assessments, and treatment plans catered to their specific health needs, goals, and lifestyles.

Founded in 2022 by Anondeep Ganguly, Varco Leg Care is dedicated to creating and providing a wide range of leg care products that address the leg health needs of customers worldwide. The startup aims to enhance the quality of life for those with leg disorders through the use of Phyto Transdermal technology for treatment and Neural Network technology for diagnosis.

In November, Varco Leg Care, secured a bridge funding round, raising INR 2 Cr to further its growth strategies. The round was led by Neeraj Garg, former CEO of Hindustan Coca-Cola with participation from existing and new investors. Besides, senior executives from Coca-Cola, Emporia UAE, Highway Concessions One, a KKR company, and a group of high-net-worth individuals also were part of this round.

The funds sought to be utilised towards talent acquisition, expanding the company's retail presence, enhancing treatment adherence, advancing research and development activities, and improving customer retention strategies, as per the startup.

The startup relies on advanced plant molecule technology, utilising topical applications and capsules for highly effective treatments.

Going forward, the startup seeks to position itself as the world's premier leg care brand while setting industry standards for excellence dedicated to improving its customers' lives and communities' well-being.

Varco Leg Care's strategic vision revolves around creating a comprehensive range of leg care products. It aims to solidify its footprint in the US market by collaborating with leading marketplaces and expanding into new territories, including the GCC countries.

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