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Britannia Forays into HealthTech, Launches Health Monitoring App ‘NutriPlus’

Written by : Nikita Saha

April 4, 2024

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NutriPlus’ NutriScore works as a one-score indicator of vital information including one's exercise and sleep duration.

Leading biscuit brand Britannia NutriChoice has entered into the healthtech space with the launch of its NutriPlus App. The application offers continuous monitoring of health metrics, enabling early detection of potential health issues.

The newly launched health monitoring app is designed in partnership with Aktivo Labs, a tech company specializing in building health and wellbeing solutions.

Developed by a team of doctors and scientists from Aktivo Labs, the NutriPlus app harnesses evidence-based technology and has been built with an aim to democratize health monitoring in the country.

Amit Doshi, CMO, Britannia Industries noted that quantified health empowers people across cultures, languages, and geographies to live long and healthy lives.

Moreover, the app provides NutriScore, which is a one-score indicator of vital information including one's exercise and sleep duration. The score provides users with an overview of their health status.

Consumers can download the NutriPlus app by scanning a QR code available on Britannia NutriChoice product packaging.

According to Doshi, Britannia NutriChoice caters to the growing segment of consumers who actively seek better snacking options. With NutriPlus app seeks to partner millions of Indians in their pursuit of well-being and better lifestyles. 

Doshi further noted that the single health score simplifies health tracking and gives users a clear understanding of their wellness journey.

The NutriPlus app also offers a comprehensive weekly health assessment, empowering users with tailored insights regardless of their demographic, the company added.

Healthcare Apps in Vogue

In February, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) joined hands with a Switzerland-based, AI-driven digital health company, Vital to integrate an AI-driven tool named ERAdvisor to enhance patient experience.

This AI tool seeks to enhance the patient-family experience with clarity and predictability in pediatric emergency visits.

Another case in point is, Bengaluru-based HealthPlix Technologies, a digital health platform, that launched its Patient App, aiming to redefine the doctor-patient relationship and enhance healthcare management.

The Patient App aims to offer hassle-free connections between doctors and patients so that patients proactively manage their health.

The initiative aligns with the startup’s objective to contribute to digitizing medical practices and make a positive impact on health outcomes. Briefly, the Patient App claims to benefit patients in doctor-patient connectivity, digitized medical records, real-time health monitoring, and efficient doctor appointment facility.

In a move to enhance patient-doctor communication, MedBeat HealthConnect introduced four additional language supports on their app including Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. This brings the total number of languages available on the app to six, including Hindi and English.

The primary objective behind this language expansion is to bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors. MedBeat HealthConnect's app addresses the challenge of language barriers by interacting with patients in their mother tongue to assess symptoms.


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