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ONP Hospital & Jehangir Specialty Hospital Introduces AI-Based Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery Innovation

Written by : Trishti Pariwal

August 10, 2023

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Surgeons may now overlay important information right onto their field of vision in real-time via the integration of smart glasses and AR. This comprises virtual incision guidance, 3D models of the patient's knee or hip anatomy, and real-time information concerning implant location.

Pune-based ONP Hospital and Jehangir Specialty Hospital have collaborated to unveil AI-based robotic joint replacement surgery advancements. The name of this advanced innovation is Robp3wiz Roboalign Hololens 2, that uses smart glasses with integrated artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The same can revolutionise joint replacement surgery, increase surgical accuracy, and improve patient outcomes.

Joint replacement surgeries require pre-operative planning that helps surgeons schedule the operation. However, thanks to the combination of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR), surgeons may now instantly overlay important information straight into their field of vision. This consists of 3D models of the patient's knee or hip anatomy, virtual incision, and implant positioning.'¯

Further, the AR technology helps surgeons to access critical information in their vision area easily. They can avoid harming patient safety by distributing their focus on different screens. Comparing this real-time navigation system to robotic knee replacement operations, it is quicker and simpler to learn.

The advancement and use of AI in surgery can reduce the chances of complications. Apart from this, it also decreases the recovery time and enhances long-term functionality.

It is required to do a CT scan before such surgery in general cases. However, now this AR technology can easily integrate with CT scans, making the process more convenient for surgeons and patients. In addition, using AR-based technologies enables joint replacement surgery as a cost-effective and widely available therapeutic alternative.


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