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HCA Collaborates with Google Cloud to Deploy Generative AI 

Written by : Trishti Pariwal

September 4, 2023

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According to HCA's mission, the technology should genuinely aid in enhancing patient care, clinician satisfaction, and the entire process of providing healthcare.  

Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA), one of the largest healthcare firms in the world has announced that in order to enhance its care delivery methods, it will be deploying generative AI technologies. The company will continue to work with Google Cloud, which has been assisting HCA in developing its IT and data/analytics infrastructure.  

A lot of potential is required for the partnership. According to HCA's mission, the technology should genuinely aid in enhancing patient care, clinician satisfaction, and the entire process of providing healthcare. This aims to cover a wide range of use cases, from reducing the administrative responsibilities placed on healthcare staff to reimagining the creation of medical records. 

For instance, HCA doctors started using Augmedix, a platform for ambient medical documentation, along with Google's AI technologies. It will assist in producing documentation for doctor-patient interactions. 

Another significant application is clinical '˜handoffs. It has been using this technology to help and transition a patient's care. Studies show that the handoff process is one of the most crucial parts of a patient's care journey because it is often the time when mistakes are most likely to occur. However, these mistakes are unintentional.  

Therefore, utilising AI to simplify, standardise, and protocol-orient handoffs could potentially help reduce a number of patient safety risks. 

Using one of Google Cloud's LLMs, HCA created an application that aids in the automatic generation of handoff reports. Prompts are created to ensure that the LLM contains information about medication changes, test findings, changes in vital signs, patient complaints, and the overall effectiveness of the treatment. 

Dr. Michael Schlosser, senior vice president of care transformation and innovation at HCA, explained it by saying, 'œOne of the keys to successfully implementing this technology will be to '˜keep the voice of the caregivers' central to the innovation, and really ensure that the end result is adding value to those that are actually using the product and ultimately providing the care.' 

Aashima Gupta, global director, healthcare strategy & solutions for Google Cloud, said, 'œThe size, scope and scale of HCA provides an incredible opportunity to truly create impact for many patients. Additionally, a 'œmeaningful impact' in healthcare takes time and a 'œcontinued commitment to long-term growth.' This continued commitment and dedication has the potential to truly make a difference.' 

Both sides concur that there are various use cases for this technology. The possibilities for generative AI in healthcare are limitless and range from streamlining the handoff process to automatically producing discharge summaries. It helps in enhancing the user experience of electronic health records and driving greater insight creation from big data sets. 

Although technology is still in its early stages, collaborations like this inspire hope. 


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