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Revvity Launches Next-Generation Preclinical Imaging Solutions to Help Researchers in Advanced Discoveries  

Written by : Trishti Pariwal

September 6, 2023

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New flagship platforms of the imaging systems introduced by Revvity include IVIS spectrum 2 and spectrum CT 2, Quantum GX3 microCT and Vega preclinical ultrasound system. The aim is to unveil these platforms to enhance the imaging solutions and drive innovation in preclinical research settings. 

American behemoth Revvity Inc., that operates in the life sciences and diagnostic business has introduced three new systems as part of its improved imaging portfolio. The systems intend to promote'¯innovation across a range of preclinical research applications.  

These latest developments include the imaging systems IVIS® Spectrum 2 and IVIS SpectrumCT 2. Further, it will raise the bar for in vivo optical imaging's adaptability and sensitivity even higher. 

Moreover, the QuantumTM GX3 microCT structural imaging solution, which has improved resolution and speed for both in vivo and ex vivo imaging, is also being introduced. It is designed to make it easier for scientists to examine the biology of diseases or to evaluate and move forward with candidates' treatment quickly. 

The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC), which takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 5'“9, will feature this cutting-edge technology. 

However, the'¯expanding portfolio, which is fueled by aspirational product development and cross-organisational cooperation, highlights dedication to driving innovation. With these cutting-edge instruments at their disposal, scientists may examine biology, reorganise their processes, and accelerate the speed of scientific progress. 

"In a time when innovative technologies steer medical advancements, we are committed to delivering versatile, high-throughput solutions that enhance preclinical R&D productivity. Our growing portfolio equips researchers with robust capabilities to illuminate scientific discoveries and can expedite the journey from discovery to cure," said Dr Alan Fletcher, senior vice president of Life Sciences at Revvity. 

Further, Fletcher explained Revvity includes IVIS spectrum technology. This next-generation IVIS platform expands on the success of the widely used previous generation instruments, which have been cited in more than 15,000 peer-reviewed papers. It offers 2D and 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence for in vivo imaging. It has a cutting-edge camera that is unique and has an eXcelon® coating for even higher sensitivity images. 

Furthermore, Quantum GX3 microCT technology which is building on the success of its predecessor. This high-resolution structural imaging technology is built for adaptability and exceptional image quality. The Quantum GX3 system provides both the broadest range of field of views and the best spatial resolution currently offered on the market. Ex vivo biological samples, tiny bones, and in vivo imaging of many species are just a few of the specimens that can be imaged by the researchers. 

In addition, another technology that Revvity includes is Vega ultrasound system. It is a large-scale preclinical ultrasound imaging device that produces high-resolution 2D and 3D images for in vivo ultrasound research without the need for human intervention. By utilising automated transducers positioned beneath the image stage, this advanced device resolves problems with traditional hand-held systems. 

These products are a part of Revvity's best-in-class preclinical imaging portfolio, which also includes a wide selection of ultrasound platforms, reagents, 2D and 3D optical imaging, microCT imaging, and software tools for data interpretation. 


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