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Augnito Introduces Ambient Technology for Healthcare Solutions

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 28, 2023

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Augnito Unveils Ambient Technology Revolutionizing Healthcare Documentation and Empowering Physicians

Augnito, a provider of voice AI solutions, has introduced ambient technology specifically designed for the healthcare sector. This advanced technology, combined with generative AI capabilities, aims to revolutionize clinical documentation, automate administrative tasks, and enhance physician efficiency.

By leveraging Augnito's ambient technology, physicians can effortlessly document patient encounters and generate accurate clinical documentation and data. One of the key benefits is addressing physician burnout, particularly in Western countries where electronic medical record (EMR) systems have significantly increased administrative workloads. Augnito's ambient technology aims to alleviate this burden by reducing or eliminating physician burnout. In regions like India, where EMR adoption is still in its early stages, Augnito believes that providing access to advanced technology from the beginning will prevent burnout.

The technology functions as follows: Physicians activate the ambient technology app on their smart devices and engage in conversations with patients. AI technology transcribes conversations in real-time with exceptional accuracy and generates structured SOAP notes, including chief complaints, medical history, diagnoses, care plans, prescriptions, and follow-up details.

Rustom Lawyer, Co-founder & CEO of Augnito, emphasized the company's commitment to healthcare professionals, stating that their ambient technology streamlines data input and structure, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on their patients.

Augnito's AI technology comprehends all English accents with 99% accuracy and transcribes multilingual conversations in over 10 Indian languages and Arabic. It also caters to more than 50 medical specialties, empowering healthcare professionals to communicate effectively and establish meaningful connections with their patients.

With a presence in 375 hospitals across 25 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, Augnito has formed partnerships with renowned healthcare groups such as Apollo Hospitals, Medanta, Fortis, and MAX.


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