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Sanskritech Smart Solutions Enters Africa to Offer Innovative Healthcare Services

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

May 16, 2024

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Source: Press Release

The startup recently formalized an agreement with Malawi to introduce its advanced healthcare technologies, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the country's healthcare sector.

Mylab Discovery-backed healthtech Startup, Sanskritech has expanded its operations into Malawi, Africa, with a focus on innovative healthcare solutions.

The startup recently formalized an agreement with Malawi to introduce its advanced healthcare technologies, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the country's healthcare sector.

The MoU was signed in the presence of Pritam Kumawat, CEO of Sanskritech Smart Solutions, and Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of Malawi.

Commenting on the initiative, Kumawat said, "Our expansion into Africa represents a meaningful milestone for Sanskritech Smart Solutions. We look forward to working closely with Malawi to introduce Swandook, an advanced healthcare solution designed to enhance accessibility and efficiency in healthcare delivery."

Sanskritech’s Health Monitoring Bag

Swandook, an ultra-portable, smart health monitoring bag, is expected to address challenges in remote healthcare management in Malawi. The health monitoring bag was also approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

This ultra-portable bag incorporates a telemedicine feature with essential diagnostic tools including webcam, dermoscopy, otoscope, and stethoscope. These features enable remote consultations, particularly beneficial for follow-up sessions, enhancing convenience for healthcare providers and patients.

Additionally, the design and functionality of Swandook are crafted for ease of use in various settings, ranging from urban clinics to rural community centers. Its portability enables healthcare professionals to deliver services directly at the patients' locations overcoming geographical and logistical barriers to healthcare access.

Moreover, Swandook's features extend its application across diverse sectors, including military, public health, and corporate wellness.

With the capability to conduct a wide range of health tests in real time, Swandook aims to provide comprehensive health assessments to users, including screenings for various diseases.

Kumawat highlighted the features of Swandook, emphasizing its potential to complement existing healthcare infrastructure and improve healthcare accessibility in Malawi.

Latest Point of Care Advancements

Recently, Sanskritech Smart Solutions launched 'Swayam AHM,' an advanced self-monitoring health diagnostic POCT system. This ATM-like kiosk allows individuals to undergo over 55 basic and advanced pathology tests with instant test reports.

Moreover, the portable and sophisticated device integrates with clinical-grade diagnostic tools, making it ideal for revolutionizing healthcare accessibility.

Additionally, Mylab Discovery Solutions introduced a solution in newborn screening (NBS) with the unveiling of MyNeoShield. This patent-pending point-of-care device promises swifter, more accessible, cost-effective screening methods to safeguard newborns from lifelong illnesses.

Founded in 2018 by Pritam Kumavat, Sanskritech Smart Solutions is a technology startup that integrates engineering expertise to create practical solutions. The startup seeks to bridge the gap between technology and everyday life thereby ensuring a smooth transition between technological advances and everyday life.


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