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RamSoft’s OmegaAI Now Uses Progressive Loading to Speed Up Radiology Workflow

Written by : Arti Ghargi

March 14, 2024

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The newly launched feature, integrated into RamSoft's cloud-native radiological software, revolutionizes the way radiologists interact with large imaging studies via a web browser.

RamSoft, a renowned global provider of cloud-based RIS/PACS radiology solutions, has introduced the latest feature called Progressive Loading as part of its OmegaAI™ platform.

The newly launched feature, integrated into RamSoft's cloud-native radiological software built on Microsoft Azure, revolutionizes the way radiologists interact with large imaging studies via a web browser, noted the company.

With Progressive Loading, radiologists can now swiftly load extensive imaging studies without any delay.

The platform ensures that the first images are displayed almost instantaneously, while secondary images load progressively in the background as the radiologist engages with the study.

What sets OmegaAI apart is its cloud-native architecture, enabling rapid image loading regardless of network type, surpassing the performance of traditional cloud-based deployments and most on-premises networks.

For Instance, OmegaAI can now deliver the first images of a 3,000-slice CT data set in one second or less over standard internet connectivity without a virtual private network (VPN), RamSoft noted.

Speed Test: Omega AI vs On-Premises Softwar

RamSoft recently conducted an internal validation study demonstrating the platform's exceptional speed.

In a remarkable feat, images from a breast tomosynthesis test study were transferred from OmegaAI in the USA to a radiologist in India and manipulated within one second using the OmegaAI reader—a testament to the platform's unparalleled efficiency, the statement said.

Siva Ramanathan, CTO, RamSoft, emphasized the significance of OmegaAI's cloud-native design, dispelling skepticism surrounding the ability of cloud-based radiology software to handle diverse modalities seamlessly.

Ramanathan stated that OmegaAI was purposefully engineered to deliver a cloud-native radiology experience with unmatched image presentation speed, exceeding legacy on-premises software.

“We repeatedly see radiologists react in amazement when they realize that they are looking at large radiology images delivered via a zero-footprint reader in a web browser. As our team developed OmegaAI, we worked diligently on delivering a cloud-native radiology experience with an image presentation speed that is faster than legacy on-prem radiology software. Our implementation of Progressive Loading helps us deliver on that promise even more," he added.

Advantages of Cloud-Based RIC/PACS System

Sharing thoughts, Dr Helia Mohammadi, chief AI & precision health officer, Microsoft, said, “Medical imaging plays a vital role in healthcare. The ability to deliver large radiology images quickly and efficiently is not merely a matter of convenience but a critical necessity.’’

According to her, it can help reduce workload burdens and enable radiologists to expedite analysis, diagnosis, and treatment, thereby helping to enhance patient care and outcomes with precision and efficacy.

A key advantage of cloud-native RIS/PACS systems such as OmegaAI is their ability to operate without local servers or high-performance computing workstations, eliminating the need for VPNs or high-speed networks.

Per the company, OmegaAI ensures top-notch cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, and scalability by leveraging Azure services, including azure SQL database, azure cosmos DB, and azure blob storage.

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