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NVIDIA & Hippocratic AI Partner to Offer AI-Generated Nurses

Written by : Nikita Saha

March 26, 2024

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With the ability to operate 24/7, these AI nurses aim to provide consistent and reliable healthcare services at a fraction of the cost of human nurses.

California-based tech giant NVIDIA has partnered with Hippocratic AI to offer AI-generated nurses for just $9 an hour across the globe.

These AI-generated nurses will be available 24/7 with the aim of providing consistent and reliable healthcare services at a fraction of the cost of human nurses.

Reportedly, over 40 healthcare companies are already testing the technology at an affordable rate. This move is expected to significantly reduce healthcare costs and improve patient care.

These nurses offer a range of services including pre-op services, chronic care, nutrition, health risk assessment, screenings, remote patient monitoring, clinical trial recruiting, new medication onboarding, and assisted living services.

NVIDIA’s partnership with Hippocratic AI is seen as a strategic move to strengthen its foothold in the healthcare sector.

Can Virtual Nurses Fulfill Demand?

Although having virtual nurses can save a good amount of money, doubts persist regarding their efficiency.

Trusting non-human medical professionals raises safety concerns. This comes at a time when many US nurses have been quitting their jobs partly due to being underpaid.

Hippocratic AI's website showcases a range of virtual nurses covering various medical areas including pre-op services, chronic care, nutrition, and clinical trial recruitment.

Additionally, services include health risk assessment, explanation of benefits, ancillary program enrollment, screenings for PAP smears, mammograms, and colonoscopies, remote patient monitoring, new medication onboarding, insulin supply check-in, dialysis continuity, assisted living services, including companionship for loneliness, among others.

Moreover, patients have the flexibility to choose nurses based on their preferred bedside manner, such as engaging or direct, as mentioned on the website.

With this move, NVIDIA joins other AI companies venturing into healthcare, addressing issues from patient consultation to mental health services and obesity treatment.

While AI has successfully diagnosed diseases overlooked by human doctors, errors stemming from AI tools used for tech and sci-fi purposes highlight potential challenges.

The effectiveness of glossy AI nurses in detecting subtle symptoms or providing adequate compassion remains uncertain compared to real-life counterparts.

NVIDIA’s AI Innovations

NVIDIA has been making several developments in the healthcare space specifically leveraging the modern-day tool AI. For instance - recently, GE HealthCare and NVIDIA joined forces to unveil SonoSAMTrack, an AI-powered research model aimed at revolutionizing ultrasound image segmentation, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in patient care.

SonoSAMTrack, developed by GE HealthCare, leverages NVIDIA's accelerated computing and AI technology stack to precisely segment anatomies, lesions, and other critical areas within ultrasound images.

The model is part of a broader effort by GE HealthCare to integrate foundational AI technologies into medical imaging, aiming to speed up AI application development and ultimately benefit clinicians and patients.

While, the global tech giant also expanded its partnership with Microsoft this month, to drive innovation in healthcare and life sciences.

This partnership is expected to merge Microsoft Azure's global scale, security, and advanced computing capabilities with NVIDIA DGX Cloud and the NVIDIA Clara suite of computing platforms, software, and services, Microsoft said in a press statement.

The objective of the collaboration is to accelerate clinical research, drug discovery, and medical image-based diagnostic technology to improve patient care and advance precision medicine.

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