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Metropolis Healthcare Limited Introduces 'Metrobot' in India

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

July 4, 2023

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Metropolis Healthcare claims its debut year's goal is to engage with over 1 lakh doctors, with an even larger number targeted in the future

Metropolis Healthcare has introduced Metrobot, a chatbot specifically designed for doctors, aiming to revolutionize doctor-provider communication. The company claims Metrobot eliminates traditional call centers by offering doctors a seamless WhatsApp-based chat platform.  

According to a press statement by Metropolis Healthcare, doctors can utilize Metrobot to access essential medical information such as test availability, methodology, sample transport guidelines, turnaround time, sensitivity, specificity, and cost. This enhances their decision-making process and enables them to provide patients with instant information and service.  

Extensive research and insights from over 1000 doctors across various clinical specialties were incorporated into the development of Metrobot, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness. In addition to information sharing, Metrobot includes Continuing Medical Education (CME) modules, allowing doctors to stay updated with the latest advancements in their respective fields. The platform also enables doctors to conveniently upload patient prescriptions and receive prompt guidance from Metropolis for testing processes, saving time and ensuring comprehensive care.  

Metropolis Healthcare aims to engage with over 1 lakh doctors in its debut year and more in the future. Metrobot provides customization options, allowing doctors to receive messages at their preferred times and formats. Leveraging WhatsApp, the platform offers quick access to essential service links and caters to diverse medical specialties. Metropolis Healthcare remains committed to refining and expanding the platform based on continuous feedback. This is to meet the unique needs of various clinical specialties, including nephrologists, neurologists, oncologists, gynecologists, and more.  

Surendran Chemmenkottil, Chief Executive Officer of Metropolis Healthcare Limited, expressed delight in introducing Metrobot on the occasion of Doctors Day, emphasizing their commitment to providing doctors with a user-friendly platform that delivers relevant information, quick solutions, and personalized experiences. Metrobot's launch aligns with their expansion plans in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, aiming to serve a larger number of doctors across the country.  

Starting today, Metrobot is available to doctors on the WhatsApp Chatbot number: +91 93212 72717. Metropolis Healthcare looks forward to collaborating with medical professionals and further improving the healthcare landscape through this innovative platform.  


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