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Mansukh Mandaviya Launches AYUSH-ICMR Advanced Centre for Integrated Health Research at AIIMS Delhi

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 5, 2024

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The primary focus is creating a conducive research environment that facilitates mutual understanding between different systems of medicine.

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya has inaugurated the AYUSH-ICMR Advanced Centre for Integrated Health Research at AIIMS Delhi.

This strategic collaboration between Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) aims to advance integrative health research, integrate traditional AYUSH practices with modern medical science, and take India to the forefront of holistic healthcare innovations.

The launch marked the beginning of several mega-joint initiatives between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of AYUSH. The aim is to advance integrative health research by combining traditional AYUSH practices with modern medical science.

On the occassion, Dr Mandaviya said, "Collaborative Research in AYUSH is extremely important as it bridges the gap between traditional knowledge and modern scientific research, promoting a synergistic approach to health care. Ayurveda is a part of our culture, heritage, and tradition. It is still being followed in our everyday practice.’’

Government's Integrative Approach to Quality Healthcare

At the event, Dr Mandaviya emphasized the government's integrative approach, leveraging the best practices from both Ayurveda and Allopathy. He stated that the Union Government is committed to providing quality-oriented healthcare tailored to the needs of the people.

The launch of Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) for AYUSH healthcare facilities is part of this initiative. IPHS aims to establish uniform standards to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery, enabling states and union territories to develop AYUSH healthcare services with set standards and quality infrastructure.

The AYUSH-ICMR Advanced Centre for Integrative Health Research focuses on Integrative Medicine (IM), combining conventional/modern medicine therapies with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies.

The objective is to provide holistic health care by considering individual requirements. The integrative health research addresses barriers to healing and empowers patients with knowledge, skills, and support for better physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

Key Objectives

The AYUSH-ICMR Advanced Centre for Integrative Health Research outlines key objectives aimed at promoting collaborative research and fostering advancements in integrative health.

The primary focus is creating a conducive research environment that facilitates mutual understanding between different systems of medicine. Further, this collaborative approach is envisioned to encourage synergies and knowledge exchange among diverse medical traditions.

To steer research efforts effectively, the center emphasizes identifying priority areas for integrative health research. This involves a systematic approach to pinpointing areas where integrative interventions can yield significant benefits. The overarching goal is to conduct research that generates robust and credible evidence supporting the efficacy of integrative health practices.

A crucial aspect of the center's objectives is the development of Integrative management protocols for priority diseases. These protocols will be rooted in evidence-based practices, aiming to provide comprehensive and well-rounded approaches to managing specific health conditions by integrating diverse medical systems.

The center also strongly emphasizes mechanistic studies to elucidate the underlying principles of the integrative medicine approach. These studies aim to contribute valuable insights that further enhance the scientific understanding of integrative health practices by delving into the mechanisms at play.

Guidelines and referral pathways are integral components of the center's objectives. It seeks to develop comprehensive guidelines for integrative health practices and establish pathways for cross-referrals.

Additionally, this ensures standardized approaches to integrative healthcare and facilitates seamless collaboration between different medical systems, ultimately enhancing patient care through integrative medicine.

AIIMS Hosting Advanced Centres

AIIMS Delhi, being a premier medical institution, will host two advanced centers. The first is dedicated to integrative health research in gastrointestinal disorders, and the second center will specialize in irntegrative health esearch in women and child health.

Reportedly, AIIMS Jodhpur is entrusted with establishing an Advanced Centre for Integrative Health Research in Geriatric Health. Recognizing the distinct healthcare challenges the elderly face, this center is expected to contribute to a holistic understanding and management of senior health.

Moreover, AIIMS Nagpur is mandated to host an Advanced Centre for Integrative Health Research in Cancer Care. Given the complexity of cancer and the evolving landscape of oncological treatments, this center aims to integrate diverse approaches to enhance cancer care research and outcomes.

Lastly, AIIMS Rishikesh will be home to an Advanced Centre for Integrative Health Research in Geriatric Health.

The combination of traditional AYUSH practices with modern medical science aims to position India as a leader in holistic healthcare innovations. The Minister congratulated the Ministry of AYUSH for its remarkable journey, urging students to draw inspiration from ancient scriptures and follow practices with pride.


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