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iMeUsWe Partners with MapMyGenome to Launch DNA Testing Services

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 3, 2024

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This service aims to provide in-depth insights into health, wellness, and ancestry and offer expert genetic counseling as a complementary service. 

Pune-based iMeUsWe, an Indian genealogy platform, has launched DNA testing services in collaboration with Hyderabad-based MapMyGenome, a genetic testing service provider. 

This service aims to provide in-depth insights into health, wellness, and ancestry and offer expert genetic counseling as a complementary service. 

Additionally, this collaboration is designed to guide individuals based on their genetic results, personal goals, lifestyle, and family health history.

Sharing thoughts, Arvind Subbarao, CEO of iMeUsWe, said, "Partnering with MapMyGenome allows us to harness decades of genomic research and innovation, delivering unparalleled insights into your DNA, paving the way for a healthier and more empowered future for you."

About DNA Testing Services

The DNA testing service aims to give users detailed information about their genetic predispositions to various health conditions, such as heart health, neurological disorders, skin and hair-related issues, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. 

This knowledge can help individuals make informed decisions about their health, leading to early detection and preventive measures.

The service is particularly beneficial for users from the Indian subcontinent, as the genetic database is tailored to this demographic. 

The technology provides a comprehensive analysis of ancestral origins, highlighting unique ethnicities within their genetic makeup. This feature enables users to gain a deeper understanding of their heritage and health.

In addition to health insights, the DNA test offers complimentary genetic counseling sessions. Certified genetic counselors help users develop personalized action plans for better health outcomes.

Commenting on the same, Anu Acharya, CEO of MapMyGenome, remarked, “Partnering with iMeUsWe, we aim to extend this vision further by integrating our expertise with their innovative genealogy and family bonding platform.”

Previously, in March 2022, MapMyGenome India inaugurated its Genomics Experience Center in Bengaluru. The NABL and ICMR-certified center expanded MapMyGenome's services previously available in Hyderabad and Delhi.

The company offers customers genetic tests, counseling, blood tests, health screening tests, antibodies, and COVID-19 RT-PCR tests, among other services.

Established in 2013, MapMyGenome is India's personal genomics company. It promotes proactive health management through genetic testing and offers personalized health solutions, combining genetic health profiles, health history, and genetic counseling. 

The company's teams in Hyderabad and Delhi include biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and medical counselors.

iMeUs, on the other hand, is an early-stage startup offering at-home DNA testing services. It aims to help people connect with their families, preserve family history, and understand their DNA and familial ties. iMeUsWe is an Indian genealogy and family bonding app that helps users build their family tree and share memories with family members. The app boasts a database of over 1.6 billion Indian genealogy records spanning the last 275 years, growing weekly.


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