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IIT Bhilai Researchers Develop 'Smart Material' for Controlled Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 10, 2024

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The newly developed 'smart material' allows for controlled delivery of anti-cancer drugs, a critical aspect in improving treatment outcomes.

In a significant advancement in cancer treatment, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhilai have developed a 'smart material' that enhances the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs while minimizing side effects.

The newly developed 'smart material' allows for controlled delivery of anti-cancer drugs, a critical aspect in improving treatment outcomes.

Under the guidance of Dr Sanjib Banerjee, associate professor at the Department of Chemistry, IIT Bhilai, this technology aims to transform cancer treatment protocols.

Commenting on the development, Dr Banerjee said, "We aimed to create a method that not only enhances the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs but also reduces the adverse effects experienced by patients."

Furthermore, by utilizing a straightforward and cost-efficient production process, the researchers have paved the way for a more accessible method of controlled drug delivery.

This innovation has garnered attention, leading to the granting of a patent by the Government of India's patent authority on May 30, 2024.

Emphasizing the need for targeted treatment approaches, Dr Banerjee said, "The challenges in cancer treatment are vast, ranging from limited drug effectiveness to debilitating side effects. Our research aims to address these challenges by providing a more precise and efficient method of drug delivery."

Advancing Healthcare Technology

In similar developments, IIT Bhilai and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, collaborated to pursue an AI-assisted hybrid digital healthcare system to enhance emergency care systems, thereby benefiting patients in remote areas and resource-limited settings.

The mission of the joint effort is to optimally utilize the resources, infrastructures, and knowledge of the people of both institutes for the betterment of society.

Additionally, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, in partnership with the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH), inaugurated the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCi).

The newly established CHCi aims to create a conducive ecosystem for research, industry collaboration, and talent development in healthcare technology. Focusing on assistive, experience, and device-led technologies, the center seeks to bridge the gap between technological innovation and healthcare delivery.


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