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Fujifilm India Launches Open MRI Machine at Hyd’s Vijaya Diagnostic Center

Written by : Nikita Saha

March 26, 2024

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The Open MRI machine, a state-of-the-art piece of medical equipment, is expected to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort at the center

In a significant development, Fujifilm India has installed an Open MRI machine “APERTO Lucent” at B2C diagnostic chain - Vijaya Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad.

The Open MRI machine, a state-of-the-art piece of medical equipment, is expected to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort at the center.

Reportedly, the installation has been completed successfully, and the machine is now fully operational at the Hyderabad center.

While the company has not disclosed the financial details of the installation, it is clear that this move is part of Fujifilm India’s broader strategy to expand its footprint in the Indian healthcare market.

New Age MRI Machine

The APERTO Lucent is a new age, Prime Open MRI device that is equipped with IP-RAPID - a modern-day technique that reduces scan times while maintaining high image quality.

Moreover, this device employs under-sampling and image reconstruction with iterative processing which results in improved image quality with higher spatial resolution.

Further, the design of APERTO Lucent offers high-speed solutions combined with a better patient experience.

Additionally, this state-of-the-art machine boasts a groundbreaking 0.4T static-field-strength permanent magnet and a sleek gantry.

Sharing thoughts, Chander Shekhar Sibal, Sr VP, & HOD, healthcare business, Fujifilm India, said, “Fujifilm India has been at the forefront of MRI technology with consistent development where we always aim to find the next breakthrough in the form of higher resolution and crystalline imaging, aiding in more accurate diagnoses.”

He further noted that the company is focused on patient-centric designs such as building comfortable MRI machines, and reducing claustrophobia and anxiety during scans.

“APERTO Lucent elevates industry benchmarks by combining both aspects, redefining the sophisticated MRI field. Its installation will broaden our technological footprint in the country, offering a streamlined, patient-centric, and economical solution for our partners like Vijaya Diagnostic Centre,’’ he added.

APERTO Lucent’s single-pillar MRI structure provides a panoramic open view, which significantly reduces patient anxiety. It also features a wide, lateral table with a soft sound operation to create a comfortable examination environment.

Moreover, the True Open Bore design of the system reduces the risk of claustrophobia while accommodating patients of diverse body types.

Talking about the partnership, Sheshadri Vasan, COO, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, stated, "We’re proud to be partnering with Fujifilm India as we share the common goal of providing quality diagnostic solutions to the people. Integrating this advanced Open MRI machine into our arsenal will assist us in prioritizing comfort while maintaining top-notch diagnostic accuracy, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.’’

The COO further acknowledged that this move aligns with their objective to deliver accessible healthcare services. This installation, according to him, will transform the way healthcare is served throughout the region.

Fujifilm’s Recent Series of Developments

Earlier this month, Fujifilm India introduced its latest advancement in diagnostic imaging technology, the Echelon Synergy MRI machine.

According to the company, the Echelon Synergy MRI machine signifies a notable advancement in healthcare technology, providing efficient performance and affordability.

Engineered with advanced features, the system aims to enhance the imaging experience for both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Previously, the leading provider of total healthcare imaging solutions - Fujifilm unveiled its latest installation of the Aloka Arietta 850 endoscopic ultrasound system (EUS) at Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru.

The Aloka Arietta 850 EUS system aims to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of various GI ailments. Equipped with innovative features, the machine enables targeted treatments, such as pancreatic pseudocyst drainage and precise delivery of treatment in pancreatic cancers, without the need for invasive surgery.

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