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CitiusTech Introduces Trust & Safety Tool for Generative AI in Healthcare

Written by : Varsha Sharma

February 16, 2024

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The newly launched Gen AI solution will help organizations design, develop, integrate, and monitor quality, building trust in Generative AI applications.

Global health information technology company CitiusTech has launched a Generative AI Quality & Trust solution for healthcare organizations in the US. The same has been launched focusing on the reliability, quality, and trust requirements of Generative AI (Gen AI) solutions.

The newly launched Gen AI solution will help organizations design, develop, integrate, and monitor quality, building trust in Generative AI applications. Further, its objective is to enable the adoption and scaling of Gen AI applications across the enterprise.

Moreover, the solution uses a software-based framework complemented by consulting, implementation, and support services. It features an automated design and decision-making framework, delivering pre-packaged measures, output validation, and monitoring capabilities to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of Gen AI solutions.

Sharing thoughts, Rajan Kohli, CEO, CitiusTech, said, “We are collaborating with many clients on Gen AI solutions. However, over 80% of Gen AI proofs of concept and initiatives are delayed due to reliability and compliance concerns, stemming from a lack of trust in Gen AI solutions. This is the challenge we aim to address for our customers and the healthcare industry.”

He emphasized that prioritizing trust, quality, and reliability empowers clients to fully embrace Gen AI technologies, potentially gaining competitive advantages in the healthcare sector. “We aim to integrate this capability into all our solutions and projects, ensuring our clients benefit from scaling Gen AI-powered solutions," he added.

According to the company, the solution fits with current MLOps, DataOps, and quality management solutions, aligning with healthcare needs and goals. It offers access to a healthcare-specific collection of over 70 metrics and 25 methods, covering accuracy, calibration, robustness, fairness, bias, toxicity, and efficiency. Moreover, organizations can customize the solution to suit their requirements.

Generative AI Making Inroads in Healthcare

In October, last year, a global technology leader, Oracle, introduced capabilities using Generative AI and voice commands to enhance patient engagement in healthcare. The innovations are designed to increase productivity, reduce costs, implement new business models, refine decision-making processes, and improve patient care. Additionally, these capabilities aim to help healthcare organizations adapt to changing labor markets, meet customer demand, and enhance employee attraction and retention efforts.

In December, Pune-based Sancheti Hospital launched OrthoAI, a generative AI tool for orthopedics. It provides doctors access to a vast database of medical literature and videos to aid decision-making. OrthoAI integrated the surgeon's clinical experience, current literature, and patient requirements, sourcing information from PubMed and OrthoTV. Developed by a collaboration between Sancheti Hospital doctors and Script Lanes IT professionals, the tool was designed as an evidence-based generative AI for orthopedics, utilizing LLM and a cognitive search model.

In September, Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA), one of the leading global healthcare firms, announced plans to deploy Generative AI technologies to improve its care delivery methods. The company collaborated with Google Cloud to develop its IT and data/analytics infrastructure. The partnership aimed to enhance patient care, clinician satisfaction, and overall healthcare processes, addressing various use cases such as reducing administrative burdens on healthcare staff and transforming medical record creation.

Founded in 2005 by Rizwan Koita, Jagdish Moorjani, and Bimal R Naik, CitiusTech, is a global health information technology company that specializes in consulting and digital technology for the healthcare and life sciences industries. CitiusTech’s range of services includes data management, consulting, digital engineering, and AI solutions for health and healthcare companies, driving innovation and business transformation across the industry.


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