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Data Kinetic Launches New Applied AI Solution Suite for Healthcare

Written by : Varsha Sharma

February 16, 2024

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The Solution Suite equips healthcare specialists with secure data technology, reducing burnout and safeguarding patient privacy.

US-based Data Kinetic, an applied AI research, development, and advisory company, has launched its first suite of industry-focused applications designed specifically for the healthcare workflows and solutions.

The solution suite enables healthcare specialists to utilize their preferred platforms to run models securely, leveraging air-gapped security to isolate models and prevent data leakage.

Sharing thoughts, Nick King, CEO & founder, Data Kinetic, said, “We aim to make a difference in the healthcare industry by empowering specialists with Applied AI. We partner with healthcare teams to enhance patient outcomes and facilitate positive changes. Through the use of AI models, we tackle specific healthcare challenges, improving patient care, enhancing cost efficiency, and implementing measurable improvements in healthcare operations.”

How Does it Work?

The multi-modal models, known as cold start, operate within the customer’s environment without transferring any data externally. Customers have the flexibility to develop their own AI assets while maintaining existing workflows and practice requirements. This approach ensures the security of patient data and grants healthcare organizations full control over their AI systems.

Applied AI applications have transformed operations for various enterprises, delivering benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. However, many organizations require assistance in effectively integrating AI into their operations with measurable results — Data Kinetic aims to address this need.

This technology aims to support teams with minimal disruption, leading to reduced burnout, improved efficiencies, and better patient outcomes while ensuring patient privacy.

Data Kinetics Solution Suite for Healthcare

Data Kinetic’s Solution Suite for Healthcare focuses efficiency by providing engineering teams with model blueprints and pre-packaged models to reduce costs and increase speed to market while securely running the latest algorithms in the preferred environment.

Their key offerings include: CMS fraud detection, social determinants of health (SDH), hospital patient volume forecasting, hospital length of stay prediction and staffing optimization and medical supply chain.

Data Kinetic’s CMS fraud detection system utilizes over 480 models and 9 graph variations, creating a statistical model with over 4,000 parameters. This model, deployed within the healthcare provider’s infrastructure, achieves a 94% accuracy rate in detecting fraudulent behaviors.

The SDH application, on the other hand, focuses on non-medical factors such as lifestyle and socioeconomic status, which impact 30-55% of health outcomes. ML models trained on datasets including income, healthcare, and education predict vaccination rates and community health indicators, offering insights into influencing factors.

The SDH application also uses historical patient records, admission and discharge data, and real-time data streams to predict patient volumes with advanced AI. It optimizes resource allocation, care plan adjustments, and emergency preparedness.

Founded by Nick King in 2023, Data Kinetic is an industry-specific applied AI research, development, and advisory company. They specialize in providing personalized Applied AI solutions, prioritizing robustness, security, and high performance.

With a focus on declarative AI models, Data Kinetic offers rapid access to repeatable models and AI/ML functions, facilitating accelerated time-to-market for clients. Their services include cold-start models that operate privately within client environments, along with delivery and strategic services aimed at implementing applied AI solutions across enterprises and government sectors.

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