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US-based Kintsugi Partner with Wellin5 to Enhance Mental Health Care

Written by : Varsha Sharma

February 21, 2024

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This partnership integrates Kintsugi Voice into counseling services, enhancing mental wellness assessments and advancing mental health care technology.

Canada-based online counseling provider Wellin5 partnered with US-based Kintsugi Health, an AI mental healthtech company to enhance mental health care in the US.

As per the deal, Kintsugi's AI-powered tool, Kintsugi will integrate into Wellin5's counseling services. With this AI tool, counselors will access real-time mental wellness scores, reducing reliance on subjective, time-consuming, and invasive assessment methods that patients may find uncomfortable

Sharing thoughts, William Masih, CEO & founder of Wellin5, said, “The partnership represents not just our resilience and growth in challenging times but also our commitment to innovative solutions in mental health care. It will enhance our ability to provide empathetic, effective, and data-driven care to our patients.”

What the Partnership Offers

This integration will facilitate a novel mental health screening and monitoring approach, leveraging voice biomarkers for objective insights. Kintsugi Voice will offer efficient screening for depression and anxiety and evaluate treatment impacts over time.

The collaboration will focus on enhancing mental health care for over 50,000 clients across Canada and the USA.

Grace Chang, founder & CEO, Kintsugi, said, “Our AI solution aims to transform how mental health conditions are detected and monitored, and with Wellin5, we can make a real impact in the lives of thousands."

Digital Shift in Mental Health Care

This week, US-based virtual clinic Nema Health and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (Horizon BCBSNJ) partnered to bolster mental healthcare in New Jersey. This partnership aimed to broaden the reach of evidence-based PTSD treatment to a larger population.

Through this collaboration, Nema Health has become an in-network provider for Horizon BCBSNJ's commercial members, facilitating access to quality care for approximately 3.6 million individuals across New Jersey.

Last Month, UK-based biotechnology company COMPASS Pathways and Hackensack Meridian Health, one of New Jersey's leading integrated healthcare networks, united to develop the delivery strategy for the experimental COMP360 psilocybin therapy, pending FDA approval.

The partnership aimed to enhance health outcomes and the experiences of patients and healthcare providers dealing with mental health conditions, particularly treatment-resistant depression.

Recently, France-based health tech provider Baracoda revealed BMind, the world's inaugural AI-driven smart mirror for mental well-being. It identified moods and managed stress using Generative AI and NLP. BMind offers personalized light therapy and mindfulness exercises, adapting to users' moods. With features such as gesture recognition and voice commands, it effortlessly provides relevant information and activities, enhancing mental well-being.

Wellin5 is one of the leading mental health tech companies specializing in online counseling services, offering a full spectrum of mental wellness services to enhance therapist-client engagement. In 2019, it scaled its flagship product in Canada, followed by the strategic acquisition of Therachat in 2020, expanding its presence in the US market.

Headquartered in California’s Berkeley, Kintsugi is a health technology company providing voice biomarker software. They have developed the first AI-supported non-contextual voice biomarker analytic tool capable of detecting signs of anxiety and depression from short clips of free-form speech.

Established in 2019, Kintsugi focuses on ensuring individuals in need receive timely and appropriate care for their mental health challenges.

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