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Blackford & Nurea Launch PRAEVAorta® 2 for Cardiovascular Analysis

Written by : Varsha Sharma

January 10, 2024

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Blackford and Nurea join forces in a groundbreaking partnership, integrating PRAEVAorta® 2 to revolutionize cardiovascular care with advanced AI solutions.

In a strategic alliance set to redefine cardiovascular healthcare, Blackford, a leading healthcare AI platform provider, and Nurea, an innovator in cardiovascular AI solutions, announced their partnership. The collaboration aims to introduce Nurea’s cutting-edge PRAEVAorta® 2 solution to healthcare professionals through the Blackford Platform.

Under this partnership, Nurea's advanced AI technology will seamlessly integrate with Blackford's renowned enterprise AI platform. Blackford, recognised for its extensive portfolio of over 100 medical AI solutions, will provide healthcare professionals access to enhanced diagnostic capabilities, driving clinical efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

The primary focus of the collaboration is to empower healthcare providers with automated analysis of CT images through Nurea’s PRAEVAorta® 2 solution. This cutting-edge technology promises to facilitate precise and expedited treatment and monitoring of cardiovascular pathologies, marking a significant leap in diagnostic capabilities.

Founded in 2018, Nurea specialises in the development of software tailored for the analysis of CT scans, particularly in the field of cardiovascular health.

What PRAEVAorta® can Offer

PRAEVAorta® 2, a groundbreaking application, offers surgeons immediate visualisation of aorta status through geometrical data, ensuring accurate, swift, and early detection.

With a ‘0’ click process, PRAEVAorta® 2 provides a direct view of multiple clinical parameters, enabling faster and more secure diagnostics. Recent studies indicate that PRAEVAorta® 2 performs segmentation 95% faster than humans while maintaining the same level of measurement precision.

Through standardised measurements, PRAEVAorta® 2 eliminates variability introduced by manual operations, significantly improving the reproducibility of measurements and facilitating more accurate analysis of disease progression.

Ben Panter, founder & CEO of Blackford, said, “Nurea's dedication to identifying and preventing cardiovascular incidents aligns seamlessly with our mission to enhance patient and population well-being through the strategic utilization of AI, driving efficiencies in healthcare.”

Recent Tech Innovation in Diagnostics Space

If we talk about technology innovation, then, diagnosis is a space that is witnessing plenty of fresh developments every single day, globally.

Recently, Owkin has partnered with Merck & Co Inc. collaborated to develop and commercialise AI-powered digital pathology diagnostics for cancer. The focus of this collaboration was to create a pre-screening procedure aimed at enhancing testing rates for MSI-H (microsatellite instability-high) in specific types of cancer—endometrial, gastric, small intestinal, and biliary. The identification of MSI-H as a significant genomic biomarker with broad applications across various cancer types adds further importance to this partnership.

Days Back, Heartnet India & KHLC have joined forces to combat the escalating cardiovascular cases in Eastern India. Through routine screening programs, they target early detection and prompt treatment, aiming to reduce mortality rates.

This strategic partnership addresses the surge in heart attacks among younger individuals, with Heartnet's IoT-based cardiac care solution and KHLC's expertise enhancing cardiac healthcare services in West Bengal and Eastern India. The collaborative efforts focus on advanced cardiac care, infrastructure development, and proactive prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in the region.

Blackford & Nurea’s Growing Customer Base

Last Week, Blackford and Rayscape forged a strategic commercial partnership, integrating Rayscape's advanced pulmonary analysis software into Blackford's enterprise AI platform. This collaboration sought to enhance Blackford's extensive portfolio of over 115 medical AI solutions, offering healthcare providers powerful tools for detecting pathologies on chest X-rays and analysing lung CT scans for nodules.

With over a decade of experience, Blackford has established itself as a pioneer in the radiology AI space. Operating as a strategic AI partner for leading hospitals and technology providers, their recent acquisition by Bayer adds a layer of stability, assuring long-term support for successful AI strategies in healthcare.

Founded in Bordeaux in 2018, Nurea, on the other hand, has swiftly emerged as a key player in biomedical modeling. The CE marking under the MDR regulation in August 2023 for PRAEVAorta® 2 underscores its commitment to innovation. Collaborations with industry leaders like Intrasense and GE Healthcare further position Nurea as a frontrunner in advancing healthcare through strategic alliances.


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