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A National Policy Boosting Pharma, Medical Device Research & Innovation Is in Offing: Health Minister 

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 21, 2023

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The Union Health Minister additionally addressed India's healthcare vision, focusing on shifting from quantity-oriented strategies to a value-driven leadership framework. This approach prioritises delivering quality care, emphasising patient outcomes and efficient resource allocation for holistic healthcare advancement. 

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya revealed on Sunday that India is on the brink of implementing a national policy aimed at propelling research, development, and innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.  

Mandaviya highlighted India's steadfast commitment to quality, accessibility, and affordability in healthcare, especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. He delivered this message in his keynote address to Indian industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, G20 ministers, and delegates during the G20 health ministers' meeting held from August 17 to 19. 

In his address, Mandaviya articulated India's vision for the future of healthcare, emphasising a shift from volume-based approaches to a value-based leadership model. Recognising the paramount importance of research and development in healthcare advancement, Mandaviya underscored India's strides toward fostering an innovative environment. 

According to a government release, India's impending national policy seeks to promote research, development, and innovation in the pharma and medical devices sectors. Mandaviya said, "India is in the final stages of introducing a national policy to promote research and development and innovation in the pharma-medical devices sectors." 

Mandaviya extended an invitation to countries, government bodies, industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and researchers to unite efforts in propelling the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors to new heights. He acknowledged India's prowess in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, positioning the nation as a global hub for pharmaceutical excellence. 

The G20 health ministers' meeting also witnessed opening remarks from the Minister of Health for the Republic of Indonesia, Budi G Sadikin, and Health Minister of the Netherlands, Dr Ernst Kuipers. Both highlighted India's achievements in health and pharmacology and stressed the significance of international collaboration. 

Dr. Kuipers expressed interest in intensified collaboration with India, stating, "The medicines manufactured in India save lives - in the Netherlands, in Europe, and across the world. There are tremendous opportunities for partnership in innovative medicines."  

In a bilateral meeting between Mandaviya and Indonesia's Health Minister Sadikin, the officials discussed potential cooperation and collaboration in the health sector. Mandaviya also led a G20 delegation, including the Indonesian health minister, to a Jan Aushadhi Kendra, showcasing India's success in providing accessible, affordable, and quality medicines. 

After visiting the Kendra, Sadikin expressed his admiration for India's model and conveyed his intention to replicate it in Indonesia. India's network of 9,600 Jan Aushadhi Kendras offers a wide array of quality generic medicines and surgical equipment at affordable prices. 

Sadikin praised India's efforts, stating, "I look around many countries and I confess that India has the best." He proposed replicating India's model in Indonesia, and Mandaviya welcomed the idea, opening the door for potential future collaboration. 

Mandaviya further talked about international recognition of India's Jan Aushadhi Kendra model, which has garnered praise for providing quality medicines at low costs, making it particularly relevant in an era of rising healthcare expenses. 


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