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908 Devices Unveils MAVERICK for Real-Time In-Line Monitoring of Multiple Bioprocess Parameters

Written by : Nikita Saha

September 19, 2023

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Reportedly,  MAVERICK is the first turn-key device to leverage Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess control, with no modeling and development required.

US-based biotech company, 908 Devices Inc., has unveiled the MAVERICK, an optical in-line analyzer designed for real-time monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and total biomass in mammalian cell cultures. 

Reportedly,  MAVERICK is the first turn-key device to leverage Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess control, with no modeling and development required. 

Further, the device is equipped with an in-line optical sampling probe that allows bio-pharmaceutical scientists and engineers to expedite the development of cell culture media while enabling the design of feeding and control strategies.

Moreover, the MAVERICK offers comprehensive process fingerprint data to support large-scale efforts in predictive bioprocess modeling.

Although there is not much revealed about the device. It is further expected that the 908 Devices experts will disclose more details about MAVERICK at an International conference in Boston.

Sharing his views, Christopher D. Brown, chief product officer and cofounder of 908 Devices, said 'œAs the biopharmaceutical industry adopts Process Analytical Technologies to drive the advancement of Biopharma 4.0, scientists need an array of tools that enable them to monitor and control their process in real-time.'

He further said that with MAVERICK, the company is introducing a new platform that offers easy-to-integrate in-line analysis and control without the need for substantial expert configuration or set-up. In addition, as a spectroscopic-based device, MAVERICK is extensible to other analytes and parameters. 

It also offers the benefits of Raman spectroscopy while eliminating the associated cost and complexities linked to conventional spectroscopic methods.

MAVERICK features purpose-built de novo models that autonomously process Raman spectra from various culture media types and cell lines. This results in actionable process parameters or direct control actions for bioprocessing.

Furthermore, MAVERICK provides open access to the raw process spectral data, enabling experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to expand the platform's capabilities for advanced predictive control of critical process parameters and quality attributes.

Founded in 2012,  the US' biotech company, 908 Devices aims to revolutionise chemical and biochemical analysis with their simple handheld and desktop devices for critical-to-life applications. They are reimagining where Mass Spec can be used if it is sufficiently small in size, low in cost, and simple to operate.

In another similar instance, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani Institute recently developed a portable device to detect diabetes from sweat samples. This device leverages 3D printing technology to measure glucose and lactate levels in sweat samples.

In another development, REMEDI and Invencer Health collaborated to bring an AI-based handheld X-ray device REMEX KA-6 to India with the aim to deliver top-tier imaging quality and incorporate adjustable settings, low-dose imaging capabilities, and a lightweight, compact design. 


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