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ZS Launches AI-Powered ZAIDYN Connected Health Solution for Patient Engagement

Written by : Jayati Dubey

October 6, 2023

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ZS's AI-driven platform enables teams to provide a cohesive patient experience by offering personalised interventions and support tailored to individual needs.

Global management consulting and technology firm ZS has launched its AI-powered ZAIDYN Connected Health solution, a component of the ZAIDYN by ZS platform. ZAIDYN Connected Health promises to help pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and payers to innovate, better understand unmet needs, engage with patients effectively, and improve overall health outcomes.

In an era of rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystems, access to reliable and actionable intelligence is paramount for all healthcare stakeholders. ZAIDYN Connected Health, with its three distinct product suites, promises to address this critical need and usher in a new era of data-driven healthcare solutions.

Health Insights

The Health Insights suite is designed to help healthcare stakeholders identify treatment care gaps and unmet needs for various therapies at multiple population levels.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it provides actionable insights and personalised messages for physicians, manufacturers, patients, and caregivers.

By facilitating collaboration among healthcare stakeholders, this suite aims to improve access to care, optimise treatment pathways, and deliver timely, data-informed interventions.

Patient Engagement

The Patient Engagement suite generates insights into individual patient needs, streamlines pharmaceutical companies' understanding of their patient support program performance, and delivers need-based, tailored interventions and assistance.

This suite is poised to improve the patient journey by offering personalised support that can significantly enhance engagement and ultimately lead to improved health outcomes.

Adam Sodano, senior director of Commercial Digital Excellence and Operations at Blueprint Medicines, shares his experience with the Patient Engagement suite, saying, "We've been impressed with ZS's ability to seamlessly integrate our consumer and patient data from channel to channel. From targeting our audiences to performance management, the patient data hub provides a connected experience model for our team to engage successfully."

Connected Research

The Connected Research suite introduces an innovative solution that harnesses cutting-edge digital engagement tools to drive validated evidence generation.

This evidence can serve various purposes, including supporting business cases for innovations at pharmaceutical and health technology organisations. It promises to streamline the research process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

F Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, the director of the Clinical and Translational Research Accelerator at the Yale School of Medicine, highlights the potential of ZAIDYN Connected Research, saying, "ZAIDYN Connected Research is at the forefront of integrating new clinical technologies. It can help produce highly pragmatic, real-world, randomised trials so that stakeholders can access deep insights into how these devices can be used for better care."

ZS, headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, is a global management consulting and technology firm with a worldwide healthcare focus, utilising cutting-edge analytics and harnessing the potential of data, scientific expertise, and products.

The significance of technology in today's healthcare environment is steadily increasing, extending its influence beyond just patients and encompassing various other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

In a similar vein, Washington-based Providence, a healthcare institution, recently launched Praia Health, a platform-as-a-service technology that engages consumers algorithmically, removing obstacles to personalised patient care. This technology tailors health journeys for individuals and seamlessly connects them to relevant services, products, and resources.


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