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UMass Chan Medical School & MITRE to Establish Healthcare AI Assurance Lab

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

April 15, 2024

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The joint initiative at the UMass Chan Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts, signifies a concerted effort to address critical aspects of healthcare AI utilization.

US-based UMass Chan Medical School and MITRE Corporation have collaborated to establish a new assurance lab to test healthcare AI technologies. The joint initiative seeks to address critical aspects of healthcare AI utilization. 

Further, the partnership aims to enhance health AI safeguards, facilitate startup testing, and bolster regional workforce training.

With the support of the Massachusetts state government, which has pledged $555,000 towards the project, alongside additional investments from the private sector amounting to $137,000, the establishment of this lab is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare AI evaluation methodologies.

What the AI Assurance Lab will Offer?

The assurance lab will serve as an essential hub for evaluating AI technologies in healthcare, employing a comprehensive framework developed by MITRE and defined by the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI). This framework will underpin the evaluation process, ensuring thorough assessments of AI-enabled solutions.

According to the organizations involved, the lab will utilize state-of-the-art tools to develop robust infrastructure and streamlined processes for assessing AI solutions in healthcare. 

Developers of such solutions will have the opportunity to bring their products to the lab for rigorous evaluation, focusing on fostering trustworthy and responsible use.

Highlighting the significance of the initiative, Doug Robbins, VP, MITRE, said, "The lab will contribute to emerging national standards for the evaluation of digital health technologies, which can support commercial applications for healthcare innovators in the region."

This initiative marks the first step in establishing a national network of AI assurance labs, as MITRE and numerous other healthcare stakeholders envisioned. "MITRE expects to connect both labs as part of the national network of assurance labs," Robbins added.

The CHAI, comprising representatives from over 1,500 member organizations, including prominent entities such as Duke AI Health, Google, and Johns Hopkins University, aims to promote best practices in the testing, deploying, and evaluating AI systems within healthcare.

Stakeholder Perspectives

Sharing insights, Patrick Larkin, director, Innovation Institute at MassTech, emphasized the importance of supporting investments to develop and refine AI-driven solutions in a controlled setting.

According to him, "This will help promote safety and efficacy, while facilitating collaboration, data sharing, and the development of cutting-edge technologies that will further position Massachusetts as a global leader in health AI."

Additionally, secretary Yvonne Hao, from the executive office of economic development and co-chair of the state’s AI Strategic Taskforce, expressed support for fostering the growth of the AI ecosystem. 

“Through the leadership of the world-class researchers at UMass Chan and MITRE, this new lab will help us build a more vital health AI industry in Massachusetts and accelerate responsible innovation for the global marketplace," secretary Hao noted.

With robust frameworks and collaborative efforts, stakeholders aim to promote the responsible deployment of AI technologies, thereby enhancing healthcare outcomes and positioning Massachusetts as a hub for innovation in this critical domain.

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