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Philips Launches Visual Patient Avatar Monitoring Solution for Critical Anesthesia Events

Written by : Jayati Dubey

October 16, 2023

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The system enables translating complex patient data into a simple visual layout, allowing healthcare professionals to retrieve and analyse vital information by glancing at the monitor.

Philips has unveiled its new Visual Patient Avatar monitoring solution, designed to improve situational awareness for anesthesiologists and anaesthetists in the operating room.

The system translates complex patient data into a simple visual design, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly recall and process vital sign information with a glance at the monitor. This process promises more efficient and confident care, reducing the likelihood of human error and potentially improving patient outcomes.

Currently, operating room patient monitors display a wealth of data through vital signs and numbers. Anesthesiologists must closely watch and interpret this data while performing calculations to determine the next steps in a time-constrained environment. This can lead to cognitive overload and poor situational awareness, increasing the risk of mistakes.

Philips developed the Visual Patient Avatar solution in collaboration with the Visualisation Technology Research Group at the Institute of Anesthesiology, University Hospital of Zürich. The idea was inspired by the clinicians' hobby of flying aeroplanes, using a plane's dashboard and straightforward illustrations as a design inspiration. They recognised the benefits of a similar approach to patient monitors, which led to the development of the Visual Patient Avatar.

To validate and refine the platform, Philips and UHZ conducted studies with over 150 clinicians in two Swiss hospitals. Compared to identical conventional monitoring scenarios, the Visual Patient Avatar more than doubled the number of vital signs participants recall after a 3- or 10-second glance at the monitor. During the initial use of the Visual Patient Avatar, clinicians correctly identified 73% of all vital sign information.

By simplifying the presentation of critical information in a high-stakes environment, the solution aims to revolutionise patient care. It provides clinical teams with peace of mind to make timely decisions and focus on the task at hand, ultimately improving patient outcomes and potentially saving lives.

"Created by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, the intentionally simple design of Visual Patient Avatar is having a profound impact on clinical confidence and addressing cognitive overload," said Christoph Pedain, business leader of hospital patient monitoring at Philips.

He added, "By helping clinical care teams make timely decisions without losing their cognitive focus, they can prepare for what may come next '“ improving patient outcomes and saving lives."

The Visual Patient Avatar solution has the potential to transform the way patient monitoring is conducted in the operating room. Translating complex data into a visual format enables healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately assess a patient's condition, improving their ability to provide efficient and confident care.

With further validation and refinements, the Visual Patient Avatar could become an essential tool in the operating room, benefiting both patients and clinicians alike.


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