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Noise Upgrades its Flagship Product ‘Luna Ring’ to Help Women Track Menstrual Pattern

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

June 21, 2024

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Recognizing the critical role of menstrual health in overall wellness, Noise’s update is expected to significantly aid women in managing their health better.

Gurugram-based Noise has upgraded its flagship Luna Ring with the launch of a feature to track women's diverse menstrual patterns.

This new feature aims to bridge the gap in menstrual health tracking by providing personalized insights and predictions tailored to women's diverse menstrual patterns.

Reportedly, the Luna Ring is designed to enhance daily performance. Its features have been validated for 98.2% accuracy by IIIT-Hyderabad and Olympic coaches. The ring's body, made from fighter jet-grade titanium, tracks over 70 body metrics.

Recently, Noise integrated AI and stress-tracking features into the Luna Ring, positioning it as a comprehensive health companion.

Noise's Latest Survey Reveals Educational Gaps

A recent survey conducted by Noise highlighted significant gaps in menstrual health education.

Issues such as irregular periods and PCOS often go unaddressed due to societal taboos and a lack of education, and traditional health trackers have struggled to identify these problems.

The survey revealed that while 82% of women recognized they had menstrual health issues, less than 7% had received proper education about these issues. Noise aims to address this issue with Luna Ring’s latest feature.

Initial Functionalities of Luna Ring

The Luna Ring is designed to catalyze a transformative lifestyle shift and enhance users' daily performance by tracking over 70 metrics with best-in-class features. The wearable promotes cognitive functioning and encourages technology adoption for positive outcomes.

It provides three core scores—sleep, readiness, and activity - offering actionable insights for a transformative user health span.

Furthermore, the Luna Ring incorporates the latest health-tracking sensors available. Its PPG sensor and 3-axis accelerometer enable precise tracking and accurate monitoring of heart rate, sleep patterns, movements, and other bio-data.

Acquisition of SocialBoat

In a strategic move to enhance its technological capabilities, last month, Noise acquired SocialBoat, an AI-powered women's wellness platform. However, the financial details were not disclosed.

Swapnil Vats, cofounder and CEO of SocialBoat, joined Noise’s innovation team to enhance the Luna Ring’s AI-powered fitness and health features.

“His experience leveraging AI in the wellness domain will help Noise elevate Luna Ring’s advanced health and fitness metrics,” Noise stated.


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