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L&T Technology Services, NVIDIA Collaborate to Enhance Medical Imaging with AI

Written by : Jayati Dubey

November 21, 2023

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The collaboration leverages the capabilities of NVIDIA Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX Orin platforms, renowned for their ultra-low latency in data transmission, enhanced image processing, and scalability to accommodate diverse AI-enabled applications.

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) has strategically collaborated with NVIDIA to pioneer software-defined architectures for medical devices, specifically focusing on endoscopy applications. This partnership aims to elevate image quality and scalability in medical products, promising significant advancements in the field.

The collaborative effort introduces a scalable platform that accommodates multiple applications, serving as a real-time decision-making tool for medical professionals.

The architecture, meticulously developed from the ground up, features a robust image processing pipeline. This pipeline incorporates essential elements such as noise reduction, edge and contrast enhancement, texture and colour enhancement, and speckle correction.

According to the companies, what sets this architecture apart is its integration of AI/ML models dedicated to the detection, identification, and classification of polyps—anomalies frequently encountered during colonoscopies.

This innovative solution claims to not only prioritise superior image processing but also boasts a user-friendly interface, seamlessly integrating the image processing pipeline for enhanced visualisation.

Key to this collaboration is the utilisation of NVIDIA's Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX Orin platforms. These platforms bring ultra-low latency in data transfer, superior image processing capabilities, and scalability to accommodate a variety of AI-enabled applications. This is particularly crucial for advanced visualisations and AI-driven decision-making support, notably in tasks such as polyp detection and classification.

Sharing thoughts on the same, Amit Chadha, CEO and managing director of L&T Technology Services, said, "Our collaboration with NVIDIA helps us push the boundaries of what's possible in medical imaging. The combination of the NVIDIA Holoscan software platform for edge AI inference and the NVIDIA IGX Orin hardware platform accelerates the development of AI-powered medical imaging solutions by enhancing image quality and real-time clinical decision-making support, making clinicians more efficient and improving patient outcomes."

AI is revolutionising medical imaging by offering a foundation for software that automates segments of the clinical imaging workflow. This alleviates the workload for healthcare professionals.

While AI's impact on healthcare, particularly in medical imaging, is substantial, experts in the industry emphasise the need for robust digital infrastructure to ensure the long-term success of AI implementation. According to a 2023 report by GlobalData, the global revenue for AI platforms in healthcare is projected to reach $18.8 billion by 2027.

In other such developments, in September, REMEDI, a Korean research and radiology device company, and Invencer Health brought the AI-based handheld X-ray device REMEX KA-6 to India. This aims to provide doorstep accessibility to healthcare while improving the patient experience.

In May this year, InHealth, a healthcare organisation in the UK, teamed up with, an Indian AI solution provider, to implement advanced technology for chest X-ray classification. This aims to support radiologists in interpreting scans accurately and efficiently.


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