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IIT Kanpur and UPUMS Collaborate to Advance Healthcare

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 31, 2023

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The initial focus of the collaborative endeavours between SIIC IIT Kanpur and UPUMS will centre on advancing non-invasive medical devices, capitalizing on the combined expertise of the two institutions.

In a significant move towards driving advancements in healthcare technologies, the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) has joined forces with the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences (UPUMS) in Saifai, Etawah.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formally signed on Saturday, August 26th, within the premises of UPUMS, cementing their commitment to collaborative progress.

The MoU was ratified by Prof Ankush Sharma, who spearheads innovation and incubation at IIT Kanpur, and Prof (Dr) Prabhat Kumar Singh, the Vice Chancellor of UPUMS.

The crux of this landmark agreement revolves around the concerted effort to promote non-invasive medical devices. Leveraging the strengths of both institutions, this collaboration will set the stage for groundbreaking transformations in the healthcare sector.

One of the pivotal aspects of this collaboration entails UPUMS facilitating crucial clinical trials for non-invasive medical devices. This collaboration is poised to translate innovations into tangible benefits for patients by bridging the gap between laboratory excellence and real-world application.

However, the collaboration is not confined to this pivotal aspect alone. The partnership also encompasses a spectrum of cooperative endeavours aimed at redefining the paradigms of innovation.

This entails fostering enhanced mentoring, bolstering research quality through shared resources, and cultivating a thriving ecosystem for startups and innovators to flourish. Interactive events will serve as a dynamic platform for stakeholders to collaborate. At the same time, sharing research infrastructure and expertise within this collaborative framework will fuel an environment of constant innovation.

On a broader perspective, the collaboration envisions active participation in high-impact healthcare projects, both nationally and internationally. This not only underscores the depth of their commitment but also amplifies the potential influence of their partnership on a global scale.

Echoing this sentiment, Prof Prabhat Kumar Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of UPUMS, outlined the profound implications of the partnership. He underscored how the collaboration amalgamates cutting-edge research with practical medical proficiency, envisioning a paradigm shift in healthcare solutions with far-reaching effects.

With a shared vision and a commitment to innovation, these institutions are setting the stage for a future where the fusion of expertise, research, and practical application revolutionises healthcare.

In a press release, the two institutes expressed their conviction that this collaboration will lead to a positive global influence on healthcare, emphasizing the significance of their combined efforts in propelling the industry forward.

Earlier, IIT Kanpur initiated a three-way partnership involving Kalyan Singh Super Specialty Cancer Institute (KSSSCI) - a prominent institution under the Government of Uttar Pradesh, and Karkinos Healthcare. The aim was to establish the 'Centre for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics and Research for Cancer (CAMDRC)' in Lucknow.

This collaborative effort aligns with the growing emphasis on molecular diagnostics in cancer healthcare, introducing personalized therapies rooted in genetic understanding to elevate the effectiveness of patient outcomes.

Prof Ankush Sharma expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting its potential to "revolutionise healthcare innovations" by synergising collective expertise. He emphasised that this partnership signifies the beginning of an exceptional journey towards addressing urgent medical needs through pioneering solutions.


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