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hellocare Integrates Alexa Smart Properties to Enhance Virtual Healthcare Experience

Written by : Arti Ghargi

March 12, 2024

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With this integration, a patient sitting at home can request health services and access care through Alexa voice command.

Global virtual healthcare delivery platform hellocare has integrated with Alexa Smart Properties, marking a step forward in patient care delivery.

hellocare’s platform, known for its state-of-the-art hardware, software, and AI capabilities, is widely adopted by hospitals, family care facilities, and primary care clinics.

According to the company, the integration with Alexa Smart Properties seeks to revolutionize patient engagement and comfort during healthcare encounters.

The virtual healthcare delivery platform made this announcement at the HIMSS 2024 healthcare conference in Orlando on Monday.

How does the Integration Help Patients?

The integration allows patients to interact with hellocare’s platform through the Hello 2 device, which is connected to their TV sets.

By utilizing the Alexa Built-in feature, Hello 2 provides patients with a user-friendly interface, enabling voice-activated calls, requests for care, and access to entertainment and information services.

With this integration, a patient sitting at home can request health services and access care through Alexa voice command.

However, this service can only be availed when healthcare providers have Hello 2 devices installed on their premises.

These providers can offer customers the benefits of Alexa without incurring additional costs or requiring extra table space or power access points, the company said.

Talking about the integration, Labinot Bytyqi, CEO, & founder, hellocare, said, “Healthcare environments, particularly hospitals, can often feel intimidating and impersonal. With the Alexa integration, we not only enhance their comfort but also empower them with a sense of control over their environment.”

According to him, the Alexa integration is especially profound because it helps patients create a space that feels familiar and responsive to their needs,

By empowering patients with control over their surroundings, the integration aims to alleviate the impersonal nature often associated with healthcare settings.

Alexa Smart Properties Aiding Healthcare Organizations

Alexa Smart Properties specializes in customizing solutions for deploying and managing Alexa devices at scale.

In healthcare, this technology fosters patient connectivity and independence, enabling them to adapt to their environment more comfortably.

Healthcare organizations including Florida-based BayCare Health System have already embraced Alexa Smart Properties, leveraging its capabilities to streamline operations and enhance patient interactions.

Per the statement, the seamless integration process and ongoing support provided by the Alexa Smart Properties team have facilitated the incorporation of this technology into hellocare’s platform.

The integration between hellocare and Alexa Smart Properties is available to customers starting today.

Rise of Voice Assistant Devices in Healthcare

In the past few years, smart devices such as voice assistance have found their way from homes to the healthcare industry. The devices can have varied uses, from helping physicians to aiding at-home care for patients.

For example, founded in 2017 by former Google and Salesforce executives, Suki provides AI-based voice assistants for physicians.

With AI-powered voice assistants, clinicians can automate routine tasks, eliminate data stream hindrances, and straightforwardly diminish the time and exertion expected of care groups.

Moreover, multiple studies have shown that caregivers in the US spend more than half of their time on administrative tasks such as filling EHR. This results in less time for in-person interaction with patients.

Additionally, the voice assistant devices can help reduce the burden of clinicians and leave them with more time to interact with patients.

For instance, Northwell Health in New York uses Alexa to help patients identify wait times at local emergency rooms and urgent care centers. Users can ask Alexa for the shortest wait time near their zip code or check how long the wait is at a specific location.

Founded in 2012, hellocare provides integrated virtual medical care. Its AI-driven solutions include virtual nursing, telehealth, virtual sitting, remote patient monitoring, and digital clinics.

The company website says the hellocare platform is deployed in over 60 health systems and 150 hospitals. The integration with Alexa further enhances its ability to deliver efficient and personalized healthcare services.


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